Seattle to ban single-use plastic food utensils

City of Seattle enforces ban on disposable plastic straws and utensils at restaurants, promotes compostable and reusable alternatives

Why fish mistake plastic for food

New study provides evidence that fish eat plastic debris because it acquires the smell of their food when residing in the ocean

Ongoing efforts to prevent plastic pollution

Pacific island Vanuatu to ban single-use plastic bags and bottles to prevent ocean pollution; Press of Atlantic City calls on visitors and residents of New Jersey shoreline to reduce use of plastic convenience items

Public consultation on marine microplastic pollution

EU Commission launches public consultation on policy options to reduce microplastics entering the oceans; consultation open to all citizens until October 16, 2017

Microplastics in sea salt

Researchers find microplastic particles in commercial sea salts from different countries; human intake estimated to be low; more research needed to assess health risks

Nordic Council promotes sustainable plastic use

The Nordic Council of Ministers presents new program containing six strategic goals to reduce environmental impact of plastic

Study on microplastics’ effects on fish retracted

Science retracts article on effects of microplastics on fish due to loss of raw data, lack of ethical approval for animal experiments, and lack of clarity on conducted experiments

Plastic debris in the Arctic

Scientists demonstrate abundance of plastics fragments in the Arctic waters; far-north areas may form a final sink for plastic debris in the oceans; concerns voiced about further accumulation and effects on Arctic ecosystem

Australian draft action plan against marine plastic pollution

Australian Government publishes draft plan to reduce marine debris and target plastic pollution in particular; commits to prevention, removal, monitoring activities, raising public awareness

Forums on sustainability of plastics

Plasticity Forums to discuss sustainable end-of-life solutions for plastics on April 21 and May 9, 2017 in Texas and California, respectively; registration available online