Metals in ceramics and crystalware

EU reference laboratory for FCMs tests metal release from decorated ceramics and crystalware into wine and wine-simulants; migration of lead, cadmium and other metals detected

Print-related food contaminants

Identity and set-off assessed for print-related contaminants by three different mass spectrometry methods; most compounds show evidence for set-off

PC-replacements: Genotoxicity of NIAS

Decision tree applied to investigate genotoxic potential of 48 migrates from ‘BPA-free’ baby bottles; more data needed for unequivocal classification

Australians’ exposure to food packaging chemicals is low

Food standards agency of Australia and New Zealand tests foods and beverages for 30 packaging chemicals; half of chemicals detected at low levels (ppm/ppb) in tested samples

Long-term migration from PVC coating

FDA scientists question utility of long-storage migration testing conditions; find increasing migration of benzoguanamine with longer storage

Oligomers from plastic FCMs reviewed

The diversity of oligomeric migrants increases with new (co)monomer varieties used in plastic production; quantitative analysis and toxicological evaluation are challenging

Bio-based barrier film

Finnish research center develops 2-layer film made from bio-HDPE and nanofibrillar cellulose to be used as ‘bag-in-box’ liner for dry foods; shows to significantly reduce mineral oil migration from packaging into food

EFSA: Scientific opinion on FCMs

EFSA’s CEF Panel publishes scientific opinion on safety assessment of FCMs, including technical report on the public consultation; recommends migration testing of finished FCMs and revisiting consumer exposure as well as requirements for toxicity data

Chemical migration from bottles

Danish consumer council tests drinking bottles made of plastic, metal, and glass; almost no chemicals of concern detected; 1 metal bottle released small amounts of aluminum, 1 plastic bottle showed small overall chemical migration into sour liquids

Chemical migration from plastic containers

Danish consumer council tests plastic lunch boxes and food containers; no chemicals of concern detected; some containers showed considerable overall chemical migration into warm fatty foods