Assessing the chemical safety of food contact materials: A case study

New study with recycled paperboard shows possibilities and limits of chemical analysis for known and unknown food contact material migrants.

New study finds humidity to be crucial for assessing migration

Danish researchers have studied migration of benzophenone from paperboard into a solid food simulant and identified relative humidity as a critical factor that needs to be taken into account in migration modelling of compounds with aromatic groups.

Analysis of food-packaging migrants: Review of the state-of-the-art

A scientific review article published in the peer-reviewed journal Trends in Analytical Chemistry describes recent advances in the analysis of food packaging migrants.

New research on migration of phthalates into foods

A newly published article identifies PET dishes used to package heated meals as source of two phthalates, while the same meals packaged in aluminum trays did not show elevated levels. All meals contained both phthalates prior to packaging. 

IFT meeting prioritizes safety of food packaging

Safety of food packaging is a priority topic at the upcoming annual meeting of the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) next July in Chicago, USA.

Printing ink compounds detected in foods

UK survey finds eight different printing ink chemicals in food samples as well as their packaging

Ongoing research project on xeno-hormones in food contact materials

Austrian research project assesses migrants from food packaging with hormone active properties