Accumulation of carcinogens in people

Report by Environmental Working Group compiles inventory of carcinogens present in the bodies of American people; recommends further studying carcinogenic ‘cocktails’ and reducing exposures

Epidemiology of mixtures: Xenoestrogens and breast cancer

Scientists find strong association between breast cancer risk and total burden of xenoestrogens; in contrast, individual compounds show only weak associations, if any

Tackling chemical mixtures

EFSA and RIVM host symposium on health risks of chemicals mixtures; present European and international research projects taking on the subject

RIVM annual report 2015

Annual report of Dutch institute for public health (RIVM) now available online

Risk assessment of chemical mixtures

Scientists from EC Joint Research Centre review legislation and approaches currently used for risk assessment of chemical mixtures; evaluate case studies, discuss challenges and novel tools

EFSA-RIVM symposium on chemical mixtures

Symposium co-organized by EFSA and RIVM addresses methods for assessing public health risks arising from exposure to chemical mixtures

Chemical mixtures in epidemiology

Article in Environmental Health Perspective outlines how epidemiological studies can approach individual, interactive and cumulative effects of chemicals in mixtures on human health

Opinions: Toxic chemicals in everyday products

Article in New York Times outlines the issue of exposure to toxic chemicals from common products and the consequences for human health

Toxic chemicals in recycled paper and board

Danish researchers detect chemicals of concern in food packaging made from recycled paper and board; push for EU-wide regulation of paper and board food contact materials

Toxic chemicals and reproductive health

International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics releases statement on effects of toxic environmental chemicals on reproductive health and calls for action to prevent further harm