Hazard categories for nanomaterials

EU research project NanoToxClass aims to classify nanomaterials based on hazard potential for human health, generates new data on nanomaterials’ mode of action

New nanomaterial safety documents

New OECD documents on physico-chemical properties and grouping/read-across for safety assessment of nanomaterials available

Review of OECD nanomaterial testing

JRC publishes review of OECD nanomaterials testing and assessment program

Methods to predict biological effects of nanomaterials

Review on assessment of nanomaterials; discussion about advances and unresolved questions

Consultation on risk management of nanomaterial uses

ProSafe project asks experts for input on risk management and innovation of nanotechnology

Improvement of REACH needed

Danish Chemicals Forum – including NGOs and industry – calls for improvement of EU chemicals regulation in open letter to the European Commission and the European Chemicals Agency

Nanomaterials registry in Belgium

Belgium calls companies to register nanosubstances and mixtures containing nanosubstances before January 1, 2016 and January 1, 2017, respectively; registration exemption for food contact materials

Nanomaterials regulation in different countries

New JRC-study reviews regulatory measures for nanotechnology in food and feed production in different countries; only EU and Switzerland have legally binding nano-specific provisions

ECHA report on risk assessment of nanomaterials

ECHA publishes extensive summary of scientific workshop on risk assessment of nanomaterials held on October 23-24, 2014 in Helsinki, Finland

Sizing nanoparticles

EU research project NanoDefine asks companies for input on nanomaterial sizing techniques by September 11, 2015