Nanoparticles in FCMs: Benefits and limitations

Scientists discuss the use of nanoparticles in food packaging materials, focusing on gaps in knowledge on their migration, toxicity, influence on biopolymer degradability

REACH and CLP progress report

ECHA publishes second report on the operation of the REACH and CLP regulation; knowledge of chemical properties increased; companies still need to provide more and better data

Nanoparticles in infant formula

New report by Friends of the Earth reveals presence of engineered nanoparticles in popular U.S. baby formula brands; call for moratorium on food and food packaging containing nanomaterials

EU nanomaterial definition coming soon

European Commission to update nanomaterial definition by September or October 2016

Food simulant affects nanoparticles

Scientists evaluate changes in size and dissolution of silver nanoparticles in food simulants; nanoparticles dissolve in acidic simulant but remain stable in water and alcoholic food simulant

Nanomaterials in waste streams

Non-profit organizations call for better control of manufactured nanomaterials in waste streams in declaration with over 80 signatories worldwide

Grouping of nanoforms

ECHA, JRC and RIVM release guidance report on nanoform grouping in harzard assessment; recommend minimizing toxicological testing

Commission decides against EU nano register

European Commission declines EU register for nanomaterials and confirms that new information requirements for nanomaterials under REACH will not be introduced before 2018

EFSA assesses 2 substances for use in FCMs

EFSA’s CEF Panel considers α-tocopherol acetate safe for use in polyolefins and concludes that migration of zinc from nanoparticles in non-plasticized polymers complies with the current SML, however concerns exist over dietary exposure from other sources

Nanoclay migration from FCM

Study investigates nanoclay migration from commercialized nanoclay-LDPE food bags; aluminum migrates in both dissolved and nanoparticle forms; also particles of assumed plastic origin found