ECHA nanoform guidance documents

European Chemicals Agency publishes updated versions of two guidance documents for registration of substances in nanoform

Webinar on REACH requirements for nanoforms

European Chemicals Agency hosts webinar on November 12, 2019, to explain definition of nanoform, approaches to building sets of similar nanoforms, new REACH data requirements

EU moves forward with TiO2 carcinogen classification

EU Commission reported to soon propose classification of titanium dioxide in liquid and powder forms as category 2 carcinogen; EU Parliament and Council to have two months to review; will enter into force if no objections arise

Danish portal on nano-risk

Web platform to include tools for screening, assessing, and managing risks of nanomaterials and nano-containing products; targets occupational health and safety professionals

Database of nanomaterials marketed in the EU

European Union Observatory for Nanomaterials database presents set of 340 nanomaterials currently available on the European market; data sources include REACH, cosmetic’s regulation, French and Belgian inventories of nanomaterials

European Council conclusions for chemicals strategy

European Council recommends that EU Commission develops clear action plans to address REACH dossier compliance, minimize exposure to endocrine disruptors; calls for collection of information on nanoforms of low volume substances not yet registered under REACH

OECD framework for nanomaterials

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development publishes three reports focused on the safety of manufactured nanomaterials, provides framework with guidance on test methods for physico-chemical properties

NIA webinar on nanomaterial safety

Nanotechnology Industries Association holds two webinars; speakers focus on latest research and tools to develop safe materials, build commercial and consumer confidence

Recent efforts to assess nanomaterials

EU and U.S. projects and collaborations focus on nanotechnology; prioritize joint research areas, develop categorization scheme, review gaps in existing nanotoxicology research, aim to establish criteria for efficient risk assessment

Nano risk governance model project

Horizon 2020 funded project launched focusing on developing a nano risk governance model, aims to explore upcoming tools and approaches as well as support prioritization and harmonization of practices among stakeholders