OECD framework for nanomaterials

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development publishes three reports focused on the safety of manufactured nanomaterials, provides framework with guidance on test methods for physico-chemical properties

NIA webinar on nanomaterial safety

Nanotechnology Industries Association holds two webinars; speakers focus on latest research and tools to develop safe materials, build commercial and consumer confidence

Recent efforts to assess nanomaterials

EU and U.S. projects and collaborations focus on nanotechnology; prioritize joint research areas, develop categorization scheme, review gaps in existing nanotoxicology research, aim to establish criteria for efficient risk assessment

Nano risk governance model project

Horizon 2020 funded project launched focusing on developing a nano risk governance model, aims to explore upcoming tools and approaches as well as support prioritization and harmonization of practices among stakeholders

Nanomaterials definition revision postponed

EU Commission confirms further delay of revising the definition of nanomaterials; completion expected after new Commission takes office, not before 2020

JRC report on nanomaterial definitions

EU Commission Joint Research Centre report describes concepts and terms for nanomaterial legislation in EU, aims to support harmonized implementation across regulatory contexts

3rd Joint Symposium on Nanotechnology

Symposium on April 9th-10th to focus on nanotechnology and include discussions on food packaging, the food chain, and regulation of nanomaterials in food

REACH nano revisions adopted

EU Commission adopts revision of information requirements for nanomaterials to be provided in REACH registration dossiers; new rules apply from January 1, 2020

Declaration on nanomaterial regulation

Five European countries issue ‘Berlin Declaration’ calling to address gaps in nanomaterial regulation

Gaps in risk assessment of nanopigments

EU Observatory for Nanomaterias reviews knowledge on hazard and risk assessment of nano-sized pigments, finds information gaps, calls for further research, increased reporting transparency