In vitro test can predict nanosilver toxicity in vivo

Nanosilver found to be toxic and induce inflammation to the liver in vivo and hepatocytes in vitro

Nanosilver migration dependent on fill and time

New study investigates variables determining nanosilver migration from PVC

No migration of nanomaterials into food reported

German researcher presents on the migration of nanomaterials in plastics at PlasticsEurope event

France sets deadline for the obligation to declare nanomaterials

The first country to oblige firms manufacturing, distributing and importing nanomaterials to report on their use

Advantages and risks of polymer nanomaterials

Conference on polymer nanomaterials unites scientists from all over Europe to discuss their research

Research initiative for safe nanomaterials

U.S. NIEHS publishes research program to evaluate the health and safety effects of nanomaterials

EC report on REACH concludes that EU is safer and stirs debate

EC Report reviewing REACH concludes that chemical safety in the EU has increased significantly, critics point to slow market removal of hazardous substances

Non-profit group finds nanomaterials from packaging in food

Non-profit group finds titanium dioxide nanomaterial from packaging in donuts

Lower threshold for nanomaterial registration under REACH

The German Ministry of Occupational Safety and Health suggests lowering the REACH registration threshold for nanomaterials to 100kg/year