EFSA Nano Network report 2017

EFSA’s Network for Risk Assessment of Nanotechnologies in Food and Feed contributes to draft nano-guidance; annual report now available online

Opinion: EFSA’s draft nano-guidance too broad

Nanotechnology Industries Association comments on EFSA’s draft guidance on risk assessment of nanomaterials, deems scope too general and requirements too conservative

Belgium: Registration of nano-mixtures

Belgian nano-register requires reporting of mixtures containing nanomaterials as of January 1, 2018; food contact materials exempted from registry

EU nanoinformatics roadmap published

EU program NanoSafety Cluster releases draft roadmap on nanoinformatics, addresses future research, risk assessment, governance

Public consultation on EFSA’s nano-guidance

EFSA publishes draft guidance on risk assessment of nanomaterials in food and feed; public consultation open until March 4, 2018

Environmental toxicity of nanomaterials

German Environment Agency releases reports on aquatic toxicity and environmental fate of nanomaterials

Sweden launches nano-register

Swedish Chemicals Agency issues new rules for mandatory reporting of nanomaterials data to national products register; rules apply from January 1, 2018; deadline for data submission is February 2019

RIVM critical of EU nano-observatory

Dutch institute for public health deems EU observatory for nanomaterials “limited in detailed information,” highlights importance of adapting REACH regulation for nanomaterials

Symposium on challenges in risk assessment

BfR, NIFDS, ANSES and DTU host joint international symposium on risk assessment and consumer health protection, November 30-December 1, 2017 in Berlin; registration open until November 24, 2017

Opinion: EU nano-observatory not ideal

European Trade Union Institute considers EU nanomaterial observatory insufficient monitoring tool, makes recommendations for improvement