Oligomers in biodegradable food packaging

Study of non-volatile components of biodegradable polyester and polylactic acid blend identifies 37 different compounds including plasticizers and oligomers, some seen only in migration experiments

P&P conference 2018

Smithers Pira’s annual conference on “Plastics & paper in contact with foodstuffs” covers regulatory updates, summarizes industry initiatives, discusses future developments

ILSI report on food packaging adhesives

International Life Sciences Institute’s Packaging Materials task force publishes report on adhesives for food packaging applications

2019 food contact regulations USA conference

Chemical Watch holds 2nd conference on American food contact regulations, March 19-20, 2019, in Washington, D.C.

Risk assessment for styrene oligomers

Risk assessment based on TTC and FACET methodology finds low risk for styrene dimers and trimers migrating from polystyrene food containers

Database of plastic packaging chemicals

New scientific publication by Food Packaging Forum researchers and partners presents database of chemicals associated with plastic packaging (CPPdb) in detail

Photoinitiator industries form trade group

Producers and distributors of photoinitiators plan to form ‘Photoinitiators Platform’ to provide unified representation in REACH and FCM matters

Assessment of PPSU for baby bottles

Scientists characterize intentionally and non-intentionally added substances in polyphenylsulfone material intended for baby bottles; analytical results and threshold of toxicological concern-based considerations suggest no safety concerns

Oligomers in PEF polyester

Scientists find ‘abundant’ oligomers in polyethylene furanoate, identify 20 circular and linear oligomer species sized <1000 Da; exact quantities of migrating oligomers to be determined in future investigations

Oligomers in polyester coatings for metal cans

Scientists characterize and quantify monomers and oligomers migrating from different polyester coatings, find migration into real foods compared to food simulants, question predictability of standard migration procedure