Endocrine Society: 2nd Scientific Statement on EDCs

Endocrine Society releases executive summary of second Scientific Statement on EDCs; mounting evidence on associations between exposure to EDCs and various health problems such as diabetes and obesity

EFSA’s work on endocrine disrupters is ongoing

EFSA gives update on their work on endocrine active substances and non-monotonic dose response; following up their Scientific Opinion of 2013

When the dose does not make the poison

Scientists comment on first proposal to integrate non-monotonic dose response in chemical risk assessment framework

Non-monotonicity in risk assessment context

New study develops decision tree for assessing the strength of non-monotonic dose-response relationships

The EUROTOX/SOT debate: non-monotonicity and low dose effects

Scientists debate toxicological relevance of non-monotonic dose responses at low dose levels

US National Academy of Sciences urges redo of EPA’s draft risk paper

US National Academy of Sciences criticizes EPA report on adequacy of  toxicity testing for non-monotonic dose-responses

BPA masculinizes female brains

New results from FDA’s BPA low dose study show significant effects on female rat brains at lowest dose

Opinion: Precautionary principle threatens transatlantic trade

Wall Street Journal publishes MEP’s concerns that precautionary chemical regulation may harm transatlantic trade; earlier European debate on endocrine disruptors continued

Trade associations welcome BPA opinion

NAMPA and ACC respond to draft EFSA opinion on BPA, reassurance that BPA exposure is safe

EFSA publishes draft BPA opinion, part II

EFSA launches public consultation on BPA risk assessment opinion; recommends lowering of TDI; exposure levels considered safe