Scientists agree: Possibly no thresholds for EDCs

EC Chief Scientific Advisor meets experts, consensus on EDC definition and non-threshold hypothesis; implications for risk assessment remain under debate

Consensus on definition of low dose hypothesis needed

Summary article of 2012 Berlin low dose workshop shares workshop proceedings, consensus and disagreements, and shows proposed next steps required to advance risk assessment of EDCs

BPA causes metabolic changes at low, but not at high dose

New study investigates effects of prenatal BPA exposure on metabolism in vivo

ACC: No need to change toxicity testing for EDCs

ACC supports EPA report on non-monotonic dose-response and low dose effects

BPA causes abnormal breast growth in mice

Study connects prenatal low dose exposure to BPA with abnormal breast growth in mice

US EPA to publish a state of the science report on endocrine disruptors by the end of 2013

The US EPA responds to rising public and scientific concern regarding low-dose, hormone-like chemicals with a new state-of-the-science report scheduled for the end of 2013.

Nature: scientists claim effects at very low dose, regulators are not yet convinced

Researchers are discovering low-dose effects of endocrine disruptors since the seventies yet the issue remains a controversy and chemical regulation remains to be modified

Low dose experts meet in Berlin

Experts unite in Berlin to discuss low dose effects and non-monotonic dose response curves

Scientists meet in Berlin 11-13 September

Experts meet in Berlin 11-13 September to discuss low dose effects and non-monotonic dose responses