EU adopts Zero Pollution Action Plan

European Commission announces adoption of action plan towards zero pollution for air, water, and soil; includes targets to by 2030 reduce plastic litter at sea by 50%, microplastics release into environment by 30%, residual municipal solid waste by 50%; will revise air and water quality standards, review majority of EU waste laws, increase enforcement

Sweden identifies PFAS as priority risk area

Annual evaluation published by Swedish Environmental Protection Agency summarizes efforts made towards achieving non-toxic environment by 2020, highlights per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) as priority chemical risk area

Commission presents ‘European Green Deal’

European Commission publicly announces new deal to serve as roadmap for making EU’s economy sustainable; includes creation of chemicals strategy for sustainability, zero-pollution action plan, circular economy action plan, farm to fork strategy; timeline for actions published

NGO letter to new EU Commission on chemical pollution

Group of 24 organizations call on incoming European Commission president to prioritize three zero pollution goals; highlight use of hazardous chemicals in food packaging, outdated EDC strategy, toxics in the circular economy

U.K. committee report on toxic chemicals

Parliamentary committee report calls for greater transparency of chemicals used in food packaging, recommends U.K.-wide ban on SVHCs in food contact materials, proposes government strategy to reduce PFAS exposure

European Council conclusions for chemicals strategy

European Council recommends that EU Commission develops clear action plans to address REACH dossier compliance, minimize exposure to endocrine disruptors; calls for collection of information on nanoforms of low volume substances not yet registered under REACH

EU elections: NGOs call for action on chemicals

European NGOs publish manifestos ahead of EU parliamentary elections calling for action on a range of issues including exposure to hazardous chemicals, EDCs, and a clean circular economy

NGO coalitions call for EU strategy

EDC Free Europe and Green10 urge the EU Commission to develop EU strategy for a non-toxic environment, keep topic as priority despite delays

Delay of EU non-toxic environment strategy

Finalization of the EU’s non-toxic environment strategy shifted into 2019 after new European Commission in office