Opinions: Toxic chemicals in everyday products

Article in New York Times outlines the issue of exposure to toxic chemicals from common products and the consequences for human health

Focus on obesogens

Extensive article in The Scientist explains obesogens and why they are of concern

2nd Scientific Statement on EDCs released

Endocrine Society summarizes EDC research of the past six years and links EDC exposure to various health problems

Endocrine Society: 2nd Scientific Statement on EDCs

Endocrine Society releases executive summary of second Scientific Statement on EDCs; mounting evidence on associations between exposure to EDCs and various health problems such as diabetes and obesity

Effects of phthalate and nonylphenol exposure on development of adolescents

New study associates phthalate exposure with abdominal obesity, as well as delayed onset of puberty in boys

Diabetes and obesity increasing globally

New York Times reports on new study showing significant increase in global diabetes and obesity rates

Chemicals, diabetes and obesity

NGO publishes list of studies linking environmental chemicals to diabetes and obesity

Obesity and diabetes risks programmed in the womb

New study finds fetal brain response to sugar associated with mother’s insulin sensitivity

Startling increase of worldwide obesity rates

New study reviews literature to investigate temporal changes of obesity prevalence, Medical News Today reports

Phthalates linked to reduced couple fecundity

New study investigates association between BPA, phthalates and time to achieve pregnancy, men’s phthalate exposure linked to delayed conception