Paper and board in contact with food

Experts from paper and board manufacturers and chemical industry discuss legal requirements, challenges in the supply chain and during recycling

Conference: Paper and board FCMs in a circular economy

Belgian trade association of paper and board processing industries holds conference on November 17, 2017 in Brussels; focus on use of recycled materials for food contact

FPF Workshop 2017: Toxicological assessments and migration testing

Experts from academia, food industry and authorities present scientific and practical challenges in toxicological assessments and migration measurements

Hazardous chemicals in different materials

Swedish Chemicals Agency to map hazardous substances in rubber, silicone, paper and board, targeting chemicals of concern not yet regulated in the EU

Chicago taxes paper and plastic bags

City of Chicago introduced tax on paper and plastic checkout bags in February 2017; tax collections and research show shoppers are using less bags, indicating behavioral change

Information about PAAs in printing inks

German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) answers frequently asked questions about printing inks and primary aromatic amines in FCMs, recommends setting lowered migration limits for carcinogenic PAAs

International food contact compliance conference

Italian Institute of Packaging holds 4th International Conference on Food Contact Compliance on September 20-22, 2017 in Baveno, Italy; program and registration now online

Paper cups difficult to recycle

Waterproofing chemicals in paper cups prevent re-pulping in commercial mills and thus impede recycling, according to new industry study

In vitro testing of paper and board FCMs

Scientists test paper and board FCMs in 8 in vitro bioassays; all 20 samples showed positive responses in at least one of the assays; chemicals in paper and board FCMs require further investigation to ensure safety

ANSES opinion: Mineral oils in paper and board FCMs

French food safety agency recommends reducing consumer exposure to mineral oils; suggests using MOAH-free printing inks, glues, additives, processing aids in paper and board food packaging but also printed media entering the recycling stream; proposes use of functional barriers