Chemicals in coatings of coffee to go cups

German TV program investigates composition of plastic inner coatings of coffee to go cups; finds samples to contain diisodecyl phthalate and long-chain hydrocarbons

BPA and analogues in paper and board

Scientists measure BPA and its analogues BPAF, BPB, BPE, BPF, BPS in virgin and recycled paper/board products; detect all but BPAF and BPB; BPA and BPS highest in recycled products, BPF and BPE content comparable

Tenax film for migration experiments

Scientists develop Tenax film as a more convenient alternative to Tenax powder to be used as dry foods simulant in migration experiments; migration into film is lower than into powder, offers more realistic estimation of migration into food

Sustainable packaging: Experts discuss strategies

SOLPACK 2.0 informs about recycling issues, bio-based and biodegradable materials, as well as alternative fiber-based packaging materials

Mutagenicity of chemicals in printed paper and board FCMs

Scientists propose strategy for prioritizing assessment of non-evaluated chemicals potentially present in printed paper and board FCMs with help of quantitative structure-activity relationship (QSAR) models; identify 106 substances of highest concern

FPF Workshop 2016: Circular economy challenges for FCMs

Podium discussion at Food Packaging Forum 2016 workshop highlights recycling, reuse and waste collection opportunities and challenges for food packaging in the circular economy

Advancing recycling of paper cups

Industry initiative “Paper Cup Manifesto” aims to improve recovery and recycling of paper cups

Chicago approves plastic bag ban

Full City Council approves ban of single-use plastic bag; comes into force in August 2015