A close look at phthalates

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Phthalate-alternative linked to metabolic disruption

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EDCs affect male genital and reproductive health

Two articles discuss potential effects of fetal EDC exposure on male genital development and reproductive health

Phthalate exposure in Austrian population

Study suggests phthalate exposure decreased in previous years, concerns remain due to potential cumulative effects of phthalates and other anti-androgens

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Phthalate exposure of Japanese families

Japanese researchers find urinary concentrations of phthalate metabolites in children to be higher in comparison to their parents

Regulators exposed due to EDC criteria delay

Czech chemical company fights ECHA’s finding that DEHP should be identified as an endocrine disruptor in the environment

DEHP affected reproductive function in female mice

Prenatal exposure to diethylhexyl phthalate increased male-to-female sex ratio, altered ovarian morphology and caused some breeding abnormalities

Experts discussed phthalates in food

Conference hosted by news provider Food Production Daily highlighted that dietary changes may not be effective to lower phthalate exposure

Autistic features linked to prenatal exposure to EDC mixture

Research on mixture toxicity of phthalates and polybrominated diphenyl ethers presented at Endocrine’s Society annual meeting