Chemicals in marine plastics as persistent pollutants

Publication by working group of Regional Centers of the Stockholm and Basel Conventions views marine plastics litter and its chemical components as persistent pollutants, calls for immediate preventive measures to reduce plastics pollution

UK plastics pact

UK WRAP alliance and Ellen MacArthur Foundation launch UK Plastics Pact uniting national stakeholders; platform part of international initiative The Plastics Pact aiming to accelerate transition towards new plastics economy

Upcoming bans on single-use plastics

UK plans banning plastic straws and cotton buds; New York governor proposes statewide ban on plastic bags, with exemptions

Efficiency of ‘PET-eating’ enzyme can be improved

Scientists modify PET-degrading bacterial enzyme to make it more efficient; enzyme also supports PEF degradation; further improvement required to allow industrial application in plastics recycling

Deadline for Indian PET bottle ban extended

Consumers and retailers in Indian state Maharashtra must dispose of banned plastic items such as PET bottles smaller than 0.5 L until June 23, 2018

Microplastics in compost

New study finds microplastic particles in compost from supermarket and household waste; plastic fragments most likely remnants of food packaging; potential source of microplastic contamination in soil and freshwater

Opinion: More recycling won’t fix plastic problem

Opinion article by The Guardian highlights human health impact of plastic pollution, calls for reducing plastic production and banning classes of hazardous chemicals

Focus on PFASs

Ensia article summarizes environmental and health concerns about per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, addresses controversial substitution of long-chain PFASs with short-chain alternatives

UK to introduce bottle deposit system

UK government announces introduction of deposit return scheme for single-use drinks containers made of plastic, glass, metal; planned scheme subject to consultation later in 2018

India restricts use of PET bottles

Indian state Maharashtra bans PET bottles smaller than 0.5 L, orders deposit-return scheme for PET bottles bigger than 0.5 L and for milk pouches, requests alternative packaging material for milk such as glass