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Washington State passes comprehensive plastics legislation

Governor for US state of Washington signs Senate Bill 5022; bans expanded polystyrene foam takeaway containers by June 2024; beginning January 1, 2022 all single-use service ware only given to customers upon request; adds minimum recycled content requirement to many plastic containers and trash bags; no longer requires triangular arrow recycle symbol on hard plastic products

Virginia bans polystyrene and single-use plastics

US state governor passes legislation banning polystyrene foam food packaging partially by 2023 and fully by 2025; sets penalty of $50 a day, civil organizations to be exempted; signed executive order regulating phase-out of non-reusable plastics from public institutions by July 21, 2021

Process to recycle polystyrene for food contact applications

Mechanical recycling process developed by Styrenics Circular Solutions (SCS) passes set of tests to ensure removal of impurities; will be submitted to European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) for review

Polystyrene microplastic and intestinal tissue

Experimental study examined uptake and effects of polystyrene microplastic on human intestinal cells and on mice; finds no relevant acute health risks to mammals

Vermont and California legislation on single-use packaging

Bills in both states aim to curb the use of single-use packaging and products; Vermont bans polystyrene packaging, plastic bags, straws; California to reduce waste from single-use packaging and products by 75%, require recyclability or compostability

Law firm questions Prop 65 recommendation

Keller and Heckman LLP perplexed by recommendation included in California state fact sheet on styrene under Proposition 65

Maine bans polystyrene food containers

U.S. state of Maine passes bill banning polystyrene food service containers; set to come into force January 2021

Risk assessment for styrene oligomers

Risk assessment based on TTC and FACET methodology finds low risk for styrene dimers and trimers migrating from polystyrene food containers

Documentary on EDCs in food packaging

New documentary explains endocrine disruption, highlights presence of endocrine disruptors in food packaging, presents possible solutions to reduce exposure

Polystyrene recycling to be set up in France

Consortium of French companies and organizations to develop industrial-scale polystyrene recycling channel in France by 2020

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