“Should I worry about plastics?”

BBC2 report investigates chemical exposure from plastic food packaging and consults with leading toxicologists; likely no concern for average adults; reducing plastic use recommended

Sulfated BPA a major metabolite in fetal blood

Scientists measure BPA metabolites and BPA alternatives in paired maternal and fetal cord blood; find low but significant levels of BPS; fetus’ level of total BPA metabolites higher than mother’s; BPA-sulfate higher than BPA-glucuronide

Environmental chemicals and child health

Scientists review epidemiological evidence on associations between environmental pollutants and child health; find ‘moderate’ evidence for perfluorooctanoate and reduced fetal growth; literature on bisphenol A and phthalates ‘inconsistent’

BPA and childhood obesity

New study finds association between prenatal BPA exposure and body fat outcomes in New York City children

Low dose BPA effects

Animal study at National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark finds low doses of BPA affect body weight and behavior in female rats, as well as mammary gland growth and sperm count in male rats

Opinion: Public health revolution needed

New York Times article discusses exposure to toxic chemicals and long term health effects; calls for public health revolution to prevent further spread of preventable chronic diseases

Environmental toxins and preterm birth

Video informs about cumulative effect of exposure to environmental toxins on preterm birth

BPA and BPS impact embryonic development

New study demonstrates disruptive effects of BPA and BPS on embryonic development and reproductive system in zebrafish

EDCs and infertility in industrialized countries

Review paper identifies environmental factors such as exposure to EDCs as significant contributor to increase in male reproductive disorders and decreasing fertility

EDC resolution: Final text available

Meeting report of 4th International Conference on Chemicals Management now available online; final text of resolution on endocrine disrupting chemicals included