German printing ink ordinance comes into force

Federal Council adopts 21st Amendment to Consumer Goods Ordinance regulating printing inks and varnishes that directly or indirectly contact food; includes updated positive list of monomers, additives, colorants, solvents, and photoinitiators; phase in period set until the end of December 2026

Switzerland adds 53 substances for use in FCM inks

Swiss government revises list of allowed substances for food contact material (FCM) inks, adds 53 substances; allows only chemicals not in direct contact with food and if no migration possible; effective from December 1, 2020

China publishes five draft FCM standards

National Health Commission (NHC) standards refine existing requirements for composites, printing inks, paper/paperboard, bamboo/wood, and detergents used in food contact; public comments being accepted until November 30, 2020

BfR warns against contaminants from azo dyes in FCMs

German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment measures migration of 4 chemicals associated with azo dyes in paper food contact materials; finds migration levels to exceed estimated safe intake levels; recommends materials containing the substances be avoided until more toxicity data available

Photoinitiator industries form trade group

Producers and distributors of photoinitiators plan to form ‘Photoinitiators Platform’ to provide unified representation in REACH and FCM matters

New Chinese standards for inks and adhesives coming soon

China National Centre for Food Safety Risk Assessment drafts new standards for food contact adhesives and printing inks, revises other existing standards

EFSA: 6th FIP network meeting on FCMs

EFSA’s Food Ingredients and Packaging Scientific Network held 6th meeting on food contact materials on July 10-11, 2018, discussed ongoing activities, printing inks, paper and board FCMs

Toxic napkins

CHEM Trust revisits issue of paper napkin contamination by primary aromatic amines used in ink production, calls for improved regulation of chemicals in food contact paper and inks

Non-harmonized FCMs and plastic recycling

Smithers Pira 2017 conference on plastic and paper in contact with food covers initiatives by industry associations and recycling of plastic FCMs

Discussing FCM regulation in the EU

Speakers at 2017 Smithers Pira “Plastics & Paper” conference summarize recent developments in EU FCM regulation landscape, discuss EU Commission’s proposal for printed FCMs