NGO: REACH dossiers on EDCs incomplete

NGO publishes report on the REACH registration of five EDCs including food contact substances, identifies gaps between dossiers and scientific research

ECHA subcommittee to discuss FCM substances

ECHA Committee for Risk Assessment meets to review new dossiers received under REACH

Recommendation to consider EDCs as substances of very high concern under REACH

Environmental and occupational health scientists address European Commission President on EDCs

ECHA sets thresholds for plasticizers

ECHA publishes information on new risk assessment method for Substances of Very High Concern based on Derived No Effect Levels

REACH not able to identify EDCs, recommendations for improvement

Danish Minister for the Environment submits input for the REACH review on EDCs to Danish parliament, report suggests inclusion of further endpoints and adding of dose levels

Opinion: long way to banning an EDC

Online magazine reviews the banning procedure of an EDC under REACH

NGOs ask for third party participation in REACH

NGOs send recommendations towards the substitution of Substances of Very High Concern to ECHA

ChemSec list identifies 249 new Substances of Very High Concern

ChemSec publishes updated Substitute it now! List 2.1, 33 substances also authorized for plastic food contact materials in Europe

2 new Substances of Very High Concern also allowed for food contact

Of the 54 new substances listed as Substance of Very High Concern under REACH, 2 are authorized for use in plastic food contact materials in Europe

EC report on REACH concludes that EU is safer and stirs debate

EC Report reviewing REACH concludes that chemical safety in the EU has increased significantly, critics point to slow market removal of hazardous substances