The Intercept article on plastic waste

Article discusses growing use of plastics and calls into question the effectiveness of current and future recycling efforts, skeptical of recent brand and retailer efforts to adapt their uses of plastic packaging

Recyclability evaluation protocol for HDPE

Protocol describes laboratory methods needed for determining recyclability of high density polyethylene (HDPE)

EFSA recycling plastics group: 6th meeting

EFSA’s CEP Panel’s working group on recycling plastics 2018-2021 continues discussing draft scientific opinions on several plastic recycling processes; minutes of the 6th meeting now available online

The Guardian article on effective recycling

Article provides tips for recycling within current recycling systems; promotes reduction and reuse over recycling, emphasizes importance of material separation, stresses geographic variation in collection and recycling infrastructure

Report on difficult-to-recycle materials

ASTRX (Applying Systems Thinking to Recycling) project publishes report reviewing efficiency of packaging materials through recycling processes; highlights flexible films and shrink sleeves as problematic, calls for increased purchasing of recycled content to boost market demand

Questions surround French deposit scheme

Pending introduction of a deposit-return scheme for bottles in France raising questions by stakeholders; applicable materials, functioning, and cost distributions not yet clear

Recycling of flexible polyethylene

Plastics Recyclers Europe publishes paper identifying key barriers to increasing recycling of flexible polyethylene films, calls for harmonized collection and sorting as well as design for recycling guidelines

McDonald’s to trial new packaging

Two Canadian concept restaurant locations to trial new packaging including fully re-pulpable cups, fiber lids, wooden cutlery, paper straws; items could be rolled out widely in the future

California to act on single-use plastics

Senate and Assembly of California address circular economy and plastic pollution; focus on reduction and domestic recycling of single-use plastics

Guidance on sorting for recycling

Plastics Recyclers Europe publishes guidance on sorting to enable high-quality recycling