Ways towards more sustainable packaging

Brands, packaging producers and other stakeholders gather in Barcelona to discuss sustainable packaging; current focus on increasing recycling, but packaging reduction and reuse are the mid-term aims; chemical safety only touched upon briefly

Walmart updates Recycling Playbook

Retailer releases updated version of playbook to support companies in setting their own goals for recyclable packaging, recycled content; provides information on optimizing, changing, or advancing packaging based on format and existing recycling infrastructure

U.S. draft regulations take aim at packaging waste

Two draft bills from U.S. House representatives and senators focus on better managing packaging material waste and reducing marine pollution; current version of Senate bill introduces return deposit scheme, extended producer responsibility, bans

EFSA working group updates in October 2019

Minutes from recent meetings of the EFSA working groups on BPS, BPA, FCMs, and recycling plastic available

Beverage and recycling companies pledge increased packaging collection

American Beverage Association launches initiative to bring $400 million in investment to improve recycled plastics quality and availability in U.S.; Tomra aims to enable 40% of global plastic packaging to be recycled by 2030

Symposium on Food Contact Materials Safety

International Food Contact Materials Safety Symposium in Guangzhou, China brings together academic, industry, regulatory and civil society experts to discuss developments towards safer and sustainable packaging

EFSA opinions on 10 recycling processes

European Food Safety Authority’s CEP Panel publishes scientific opinions on 10 recycling processes for post-consumer PET; all found to be safe for use in specified food contact applications

Glass recycling at 76% in the EU

European Container Glass Federation (FEVE) reports record rate of 76% recycling of glass packaging in 2017 in the EU

FPF Workshop 2019: Perspectives on innovations

Innovations improving the safety of food contact articles discussed during afternoon session; panel with guests from academia, non-profit organizations, start-ups and industry

Recent conferences on plastics recycling

Series of recent conferences on both continents focus on discussing challenges and opportunities surrounding plastics recycling, increasing recycled content in products; group of NGOs criticize Circular Plastics Alliance for overlooking hazardous chemicals; predicted lower prices of virgin PET seen as future test of commitment to set sustainability targets