EU considers new calculation rules

New calculation methodology for recycling under discussion by EU; could impact actual recycling rates in meeting set 2030 targets

Berkeley restricts single-use plastic

City of Berkeley in U.S to introduce ban on use of non-compostable foodware items in 2022; aim to force shift from plastic to compostable food containers, reduce quantity of single-use items

Swiss industry discusses packaging of the future

Trade association’s annual conference 2019 zooms in on criteria for future-proof packaging solutions, focuses on recycling and consumer education

Guidance on packaging definitions

American Institute for Packaging and the Environment publishes guidance document comparing varying definitions that currently exist within packaging materials management

EU Regions’ opinion on plastics strategy

EU Committee of Regions releases opinion urging that hazardous substances be ‘completely removed’ from plastic products by 2025, in order to boost circular economy

Plastic bottle recycling in U.S. continues to fall

Latest report from industry groups shows decrease in amount of post-consumer plastic bottles collected for recycling

EC launches circular plastics alliance

EU Commission launches Circular Plastics Alliance to support EU plastics strategy; industry stakeholders to cover entire plastics value chain

Industry report on circular plastics technology

Industry associations publish report summarizing technical solutions supporting EU plastics strategy

Food contact chemicals in life cycle assessment

Scientists present life cycle impact assessment method to include human exposure to chemicals in food packaging, discuss trade-offs, interpretation, data needs, consideration of additional toxicity concerns

Responsibility of (bio)plastics industry

13th annual European Bioplastics conference discusses impacts of plastics pollution, elements of EU circular economy package, food contact regulations, bioplastics market development, life cycle assessment, new building blocks