2 US states propose ‘not recyclable’ labeling of biodegradable plastic containers

Law modifying recycled plastics labeling proposed in North Carolina and Alabama, aiming to limit contamination of recycling streams

Recycled paperboard food packaging is a manageable source of chemical contaminants

FPF reports on new European study showing that inner bags can reduce overall migration, depending on material used

EFSA authorizes new PET recycling process

EFSA authorized the PET recycling process “Holfeld Diamant” for food contact

EFSA approves another recycling process for 100% use in FCM

EFSA publishes approval of MOPET PET recycling process for use in food contact materials

EFSA approves another PET recycling process for food contact

EFSA considers PKR recycling process safe for 100% use in food contact materials

Assessing the chemical safety of food contact materials: A case study

New study with recycled paperboard shows possibilities and limits of chemical analysis for known and unknown food contact material migrants.

EFSA authorizes six PET recycling processes for up to 100 % use in food contact materials

EFSA authorized PET recycling processes based on the STARLINGER IV+ technology and the “RPET Nosinyec process”

EFSA: polypropylene crate recycling authorized for food contact materials

EFSA publishes opinion to authorize polypropylene crate recycling process “INTERSEROH Step 1” for use as food contact material.

EFSA opinion approves VACUREMA Prime® technology based PET recycling processes for food contact materials

EFSA approved the use of materials derived from four types of recycling processes of PET bottles in food contact materials intended for long term storage.

Spain aims to restrict use of recycled material in food contact materials

The proposal would limit the use of recycled material in PET food contact materials to 50%