FPF launches database on food brand and retailer packaging initiatives

Food Packaging Forum (FPF) releases global database of initiatives and commitments by food retailers and brands to voluntarily improve their food packaging; includes efforts to improve chemical safety and resource efficiency beyond legal requirements; currently contains over 250 unique companies and associations, will be regularly updated

Guide for retailers on implementing safer chemicals and materials

Clean Production Action publishes guide to help retailers create chemicals strategies, ensure use of safer chemicals and materials; outlines key steps to establish inventories with brands and suppliers, measure chemical footprint, publicly disclose policies and progress

Food Watch petition calls for end of excessive food packaging

Identifies examples of mostly empty packaged food products filled with air in French supermarkets; finds excess packaging not intended to protect food, only serves to convey increased product size; public petition launched to call on specific brands to improve

Walmart responds to increase in use of priority chemicals

US retailer reports 1% increase in footprint across its product assortment from 2017 to 2018; aims to achieve 10% reduction by 2022; plans to finish analysis and publish most recent data later this year

Bulk food in supermarkets: growth and challenges

Article by Civil Eats discusses the rise of bulk food dispensers in grocery stores to reduce food packaging and challenges they face; presents initiatives from larger chains including re-use of customers’ containers; addresses food safety concerns, need for educating consumers

Retailer report card on chemical safety

‘Mind the Store’ campaign publishes updated report scoring 43 major North American retailers on their actions to remove toxic chemicals from their products; finds improvement over past year in 63% of companies reviewed, focus has been on eliminating PFAS, ortho-phthalates, and bisphenols from products