New Jersey bans all carryout bags, polystyrene foam packaging

Legislature for US state of New Jersey passes bill banning both plastic and paper single-use bags, polystyrene foam food containers; plastic straw use to be limited; bill will be signed by governor and enter into force 18 months later

China outlines restrictions on single-use plastics

Ministry of Commerce announces increased oversight on use of disposable plastic items by businesses; sets ban on range of single-use plastic items including plastic shopping bags, tableware, hospitality products

Zero Waste Cities webinar series

Monthly webinars to feature expert presentations and discussion panels between October and June 2020; address topics such as COVID-19 pandemic impacts on zero waste, packaging-free stores, and effective systems for reuse; registration free

Greenpeace report on reusables

Greenpeace launches report on reusables, argues that ‘reusables are doable’ also during the pandemic, which thus should not be used as an excuse to stick with throwaway plastics

Zero Waste Nation podcast discusses pandemic and food packaging

Latest episode of podcast produced by Zero Waste Norway features Jane Muncke from the Food Packaging Forum; emphasizes that reusable food containers can be safely cleaned and sanitized in food establishments, no reason to rely solely on single-use items

Over 115 health experts sign statement on safety of reuse

Greenpeace and UPSTREAM publish statement signed by wide-range of doctors and public health researchers, emphasize that reuse systems in stores and restaurants can be implemented safely during COVID-19 pandemic by following standard sanitation laws; single-use items not inherently safer than reusables

ES&T article scrutinizes claims made about reusable bags, COVID-19

Article in Environmental Science and Technology (ES&T) critical of safety concerns raised by industry association related to reusable shopping bags, argues their infrequent handling poses less risk than other transmission pathways; explains that single-use paper bags would be safer option than plastic due to lower virus survival time

FPF overview presentation on reuse and COVID-19

Food Packaging Forum (FPF) presentation provides a look into the ongoing multi-stakeholder debate on the safety of reusable food packaging during the COVID-19 pandemic; reviews recommendations from governments, calls for action from industry associations and civil society

Nestlé trials in-store dispensers for reusable packaging

Following testing in three stores in Switzerland, company plans on expanding testing to additional locations; aims to support reusable and refillable packaging options to meet 2025 packaging commitments

Factsheet on safety of reuse during COVID-19 pandemic

UPSTREAM publication answers seven frequently asked questions on the safety of reusable products such as packaging and food service ware; emphasizes that single-use products are not safer than reusable ones, food safety regulations ensure proper cleaning and sanitation of reusable products