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Pandemic providing opportunity for packaging innovation, resilience

Episode of The Indisposable Podcast discusses coronavirus pandemic and how reusable packaging could expand and innovate to help businesses protect public health, save money, and increase resilience; argue that a shift backward to single-use packaging not needed

Reusable food packaging and novel coronavirus

UPSTREAM encourages consumers to continue using reusable items with regular washing using soap, expects zero-waste efforts and bring-your-own container programs to further gain momentum after pandemic ends; expanded business models needed to promote sanitizing and reusing packaging

Report envisions smart supermarkets with less packaging

Greenpeace publishes report presenting alternative technologies and approaches to remove single-use packaging from grocery stores; presents example case studies applicable to fresh foods, personal products, take-away, checkout, and online shopping

Ways towards more sustainable packaging

Brands, packaging producers and other stakeholders gather in Barcelona to discuss sustainable packaging; current focus on increasing recycling, but packaging reduction and reuse are the mid-term aims; chemical safety only touched upon briefly

Report for policymakers on reusable solutions

Rethink Plastic Alliance publishes report aimed to inform policy makers at national level on effective implementation of reuse systems to eliminate single-use plastic pollution, implement EU directive

Questions surround French deposit scheme

Pending introduction of a deposit-return scheme for bottles in France raising questions by stakeholders; applicable materials, functioning, and cost distributions not yet clear

Book about reuse

Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s New Plastics Economy initiative launches book about reuse; outlines reuse framework, identifies 6 major benefits of reuse to business and consumers, gives 69 reuse examples

Loop launches in the U.S.

Circular packaging platform launches in the mid-Atlantic region of the U.S., announces Kroger and Walgreens as first retail partners and aims to expand to further regions

Call for binding packaging quotas in Germany

German NGOs and industry associations urge national government to introduce binding quotas for reusable beverage containers; say national target of 70% by 2022 will not be achieved unless progressive steps introduced, discount stores adapt, consumer habits change

New Plastics Economy: Global commitment report

New Plastics Economy initiative of Ellen MacArthur Foundation launches its first Global Commitment report detailing industry and government progress on tackling plastic pollution

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