Oligomers in polyester coatings for metal cans

Scientists characterize and quantify monomers and oligomers migrating from different polyester coatings, find migration into real foods compared to food simulants, question predictability of standard migration procedure

Oligomers in PBT and PEN polyesters

Scientists characterize oligomers in polybutylene terephthalate and polyethylene naphthalate intended for food contact; oligomer migration from PBT considered safe based on threshold of toxicological concern considerations

CEP Panel: 2nd plenary meeting

EFSA’s CEP Panel held 2nd plenary meeting on September 26-27, 2018; new food contact substances, PET recycling processes, evaluation of FCM legislation, updated risk assessment for phthalates discussed

EFSA BPA reevaluation: 2nd meeting

EFSA’s CEP Panel Working Group on BPA safety reevaluation holds 2nd meeting; minutes available online

100 substances in CoRAP for 2019-2021

ECHA publishes list of 96 substances planned to be evaluated by EU Member States in 2019-2021 under the Community Rolling Action Plan (CoRAP)

FPF Workshop 2018: Perspectives on the FCM safety

Afternoon session of FPF Workshop 2018 discusses different approaches to ensuring FCM safety taken by industry, government, retailers, consumer organizations

FPF Workshop 2018: Predictions and decisions

Karim Bschir from ETH Zurich argues that quality of science-based predictions does not by itself guarantee for good decisions because decisions are influenced by value preferences; values should be explicitly communicated and openly discussed by science community

FPF Workshop 2018: Improving chemical safety by new science

Presentations at Food Packaging Forum 2018 workshop cover predictive toxicology, computational methodologies, green chemistry

FPF Workshop 2018: Assessing the safety of food packaging

Experts identify challenges for risk assessment and management of food contact chemicals, present toxicity tests and analytical tools for safer food packaging

New EFSA phthalates working group: 1st meeting

EFSA’s CEP Panel working group on phthalates reassesses safety of DBP, BBP and DEHP for food contact plastics; new meeting minutes now available online