Emerging chemical risks in food

Study by European Food Safety Authority identifies 212 substances fully registered under REACH to pose ‘potential chemical risks’ in the food chain

2019 ILSI symposium on food packaging

Southeast Asia Region of ILSI announces symposium on scientific development of food packaging; event will be held on September 24-25, 2019, in Penang, Malaysia

Key chemicals of concern in food packaging

Environmental Defense Fund publishes list of key chemicals of concern in food packaging and food handling equipment

EFSA publishes mixtures methodology

European Food Safety Authority launches guidance on assessment of ‘combined effects’ of chemical mixtures in food and feed

Resorcinol inclusion in CoRAP criticized

Guest column in Chemical Watch criticizes the inclusion of resorcinol in the Community Rolling Action Plan (CoRAP) for 2019-2021 to be assessed by France due to potential thyroid effects; points out to previously concluded evaluation by Finland, lack of remaining data gaps or new information to justify re-evaluation

New infographics on EDCs

Health and Environment Alliance releases infographics on endocrine disrupting chemicals, focuses on the need to accommodate low dose effects and science advances into risk assessment

EPA: Priority substances for TSCA evaluation

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency prioritizes 20 substances to undergo risk evaluation according to Toxic Substances Control Act; list includes several solvents, phthalates, flame retardants, chemical intermediates with food contact relevance; public consultation now open

EFSA BPA re-evaluation: 8th meeting

EFSA CEP Panel publishes minutes of the 8th meeting of its Working Group on bisphenol A safety re-evaluation; scoring approach to be tested for validation; more experts needed to cover metabolic and carcinogenic effects

Safety of ‘Jász‐Plasztik’ recycling process

EFSA’s CEP Panel considers PET made by recycling process ‘Jász‐Plasztik’ safe for up to 100% use in food contact materials and articles under specified conditions

Faster action on EU EDC strategy needed

EU environment ministers urge Commission to speed up action on EU-wide endocrine disruptor strategy to tackle toys, cosmetics, food contact materials; clearly defined timelines requested; fitness check of relevant EU laws addressing EDCs to be launched next