FCM chemicals within EU assessment programs

Wide range of hazardous chemicals being evaluated across EU programs for industrial chemicals are also potentially used in food contact materials (FCM); analysis by the Food Packaging Forum reviews recently added chemicals, urges prioritizing known hazardous chemicals in FCMs

Framework developed to support safe-by-design nanomaterials

Scientists create set of 17 questions to help innovators consider potential risks to human health posed by nano-sized products or materials during the innovation process, aiming to guide development and identify safety issues already at early design stages

EFSA assessment of substance for food preparation surfaces

Panel publishes safety assessment of ‘phosphoric acid, mixed esters with 2‐hydroxyethyl methacrylate’; finds no safety concern when used as co-monomer up to set concentration, often used in manufacture of kitchen sinks and countertops

EFSA safety assessment of PVC additive

European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) panel publishes safety assessment of di(m-2,20,200-nitrilotris(ethanol)-diperchlorato)dinatrium as a thermal stabilizer additive up 0.15% by weight in rigid reusable polyvinyl chloride (PVC) water bottles

EFSA working group updates in April 2020

Minutes from recent meetings of the EFSA CEP panel and working groups on BPA, FCMs, and recycling plastics published

Online colloquium on IATA for toxicology assessment

Society of Toxicology (SOT) and US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to co-host colloquium on Integrated Approaches to Testing and Assessment (IATA) for regulatory toxicology assessment on May 28, 2020; event will be livestreamed, registration open

ChemSec identifies needs for upcoming EU chemical strategy

Non-governmental organization emphasizes five important aspects for the European Commission to consider when developing chemical strategy; includes creating industry incentives, focusing on hazards from intrinsic chemical properties, supply chain transparency, and closing regulatory gaps

Workshop discusses developments in read-across

Journal article presents summary of presentations and discussions from European Centre for Ecotoxicology and Toxicology of Chemicals (Ecetoc) workshop; finds new approach methodologies useful for read-across in chemical safety assessments, identifies areas for improvement

US EPA scope documents for phthalate risk evaluations

Documents available for all 20 of the identified high-priority substances for risk evaluation under Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), includes 5 phthalates relevant for food contact materials; 45-day comment period ends for first round of 13 published documents on May 26, 2020

EU discusses application of mixture assessment factor

Swedish and Dutch governments hold workshop investigating application of a mixture assessment factor for risk assessment under REACH legislation; ask EU member states for feedback, best procedure for way forward