Report reviews US policies for chemicals transparency

Civil society organizations publish report summarizing existing government policies across US states for disclosing information about chemical ingredients in consumer products

Food packaging fact sheet now in 18 languages

Food Packaging Forum translates its fact sheet on food packaging and human health into 18 different languages, provides introductory overview of chemicals in food packaging; pdfs available for download in all languages

FPF Workshop 2019: FPF year in review

Thomas Backhaus reviews the Food Packaging Forum’s work in 2019; includes organization and participation in conferences and webinars, scientific projects finalized and launched

FPF Workshop 2019: Doubt is their product

David Michaels explains how ‘manufactured scientific uncertainty’ is used to delay regulatory actions on harmful products

Proceedings of EFSA conference 2018

Proceedings of European Food Safety Authority’s 3rd scientific conference held in September 2018 now published

Panel on value judgements in science

Special session during annual SETAC EU meeting to discuss the role of ‘philosophical positions and values’ in science judgements; focus on risk assessment of pesticides and food contact materials as current ‘hot’ topics

2019 ILSI symposium on food packaging

Southeast Asia Region of ILSI announces symposium on scientific development of food packaging; event will be held on September 24-25, 2019, in Penang, Malaysia

Key chemicals of concern in food packaging

Environmental Defense Fund publishes list of key chemicals of concern in food packaging and food handling equipment

Conference on uncertainty in risk analysis

EFSA and BfR to hold “International Conference on Uncertainty in Risk Analysis” on February 21-22, 2019 in Berlin; focus on challenges and advances in assessing, managing, and communicating uncertainty

EFSA: Communicating uncertainty

European Food Safety Authority publishes guidance on communicating uncertainty to complement previously published guidance on uncertainty analysis in scientific assessments