Spain plans ban of plastic packaging for fruits and vegetables

Following France’s example, Spain’s Ministry for Ecological Transition is drafting a decree to ban the sale of produce wrapped in plastic by 2023; wants to discourage sales of drinks in single-use plastic bottles by encouraging the installation of drinking fountains and bottle reuse systems

Philippines House passes Single-use Plastic Products Regulation Act

House Bill 9147 would ban single-use plastic tableware within four years and drinking straws, stirrers, candy sticks, bags thinner than ten microns, and other small single-use plastics within one year; bill must now pass the country’s Senate in order to become law

Analysis finds pesticides, PFAS in plant-based packaging

EU consumer groups find chemicals of concern above recommended limits in single-use tableware made of molded plant fiber or palm leaf, and paper straws; of 57 sampled items, 53% have chemical concentrations above recommended limits, including 100% of molded plant-fiber plates and bowls; per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) present in 66% of articles, pesticide residues in 28%; argues EU must create chemical regulations for non-plastic single-use food packaging

Chile passes comprehensive plastics legislation

Chilean legislature unanimously passes comprehensive single-use and recycled plastics regulations; regulation bans single-use plastic use within a food establishment, compels markets and convenience stores to only sell recyclable beverage containers, beverage containers must contain plastic collected and recycled within Chile; regulations come into effect over 3 years

Washington State passes comprehensive plastics legislation

Governor for US state of Washington signs Senate Bill 5022; bans expanded polystyrene foam takeaway containers by June 2024; beginning January 1, 2022 all single-use service ware only given to customers upon request; adds minimum recycled content requirement to many plastic containers and trash bags; no longer requires triangular arrow recycle symbol on hard plastic products

Studies investigate circular economy barriers, consumer perceptions

Recent set of articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals review current barriers in flexible plastics to achieving circular economy, recommends regulatory policies be tailored to individual steps in supply chain; consumers easily confused by plastic waste management system, recycling processes, biodegradability claims; researchers instead propose food system shift towards decentralization, shorter supply chains

Study finds plant-based straws containing PFAS

Article published in peer-reviewed journal Chemosphere analyzes biodegradable paper straws for presence of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS); tests 38 products, finds PFAS in 36, most frequently detects perfluorobutanoic acid, perfluorooctanoic acid and perfluorohexanoic acid; challenges claim of biodegradability of plant-based straws

UNEP: Legislative guide for reduction of single-use plastics

United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) releases legislative guide discussing four approaches to reduce plastic waste generation; includes single-use plastic bans, tax and economic incentives, product standards, extended producer responsibility; advocates for multipronged, complementary regulations