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Virginia bans polystyrene and single-use plastics

US state governor passes legislation banning polystyrene foam food packaging partially by 2023 and fully by 2025; sets penalty of $50 a day, civil organizations to be exempted; signed executive order regulating phase-out of non-reusable plastics from public institutions by July 21, 2021

EFSA’s styrene assessment requests systematic review

European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) panel publishes assessment of styrene in plastic food contact materials, follows 2018 International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) conclusion labelling it as ‘probably carcinogenic’; calls for systematic review of genotoxicity, toxicokinetics, species differences to determine safety

IARC: Styrene ‘probably carcinogenic’

International Agency for Research on Cancer concludes that styrene and styrene-6,8-oxide are ‘probably carcinogenic to humans’

California sets safe level for styrene

State of California adopts No Significant Risk Level for styrene of 27 µg/day under Proposition 65; styrene exposure from polystyrene food packaging assumed to be low, likely requiring no warning label

New York City again bans polystyrene foam packaging

Expanded polystyrene food packaging to be banned in the City of New York effective November 13, 2017; foam recycling found not “economically feasible” or “environmentally effective”

Styrofoam ban discussed in Jamaica

Editorial in The Cleaner discusses a potential ban of plastic and styrofoam food containers in Jamaica

Push to ban polystyrene packaging in London

London restaurant chefs call for ban on polystyrene food packaging; UK food packaging association opposes request; recycler says focus should be on creating circular material systems

Migration of styrene oligomers into food

German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment evaluates migration of styrene oligomers from FCMs into food simulants; finds no evidence for health risks at currently measured migration levels

California: Styrene listing

State of California adds styrene to lists of known human carcinogens; polystyrene food packaging not affected by required styrene warning label

New York City bans plastic foam in food packaging

Proposed ban becomes effective after almost two years, no proof for economical recyclability found

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