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Styrene may be a human carcinogen

US National Research Council concludes review of styrene; substance reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen

Some BPA-free plastics are estrogenic

Mother Jones reports on new controversial scientific study comparing estrogenic activity of different BPA-free labeled plastic products

Chemical biomarkers of breast cancer identified

New study points out breast cancer chemical biomarkers for breast cancer epidemiology, biomonitoring and prevention

Q&A Twitter session on plastics

Sense about Science holds Q&A on plastics packaging on Twitter, answers by Alan Boobis from the Imperial College London and an industry representative

Philippine city to phase out plastic and styrofoam

Cotabato City in the Philippines plans ban of non-biodegradable plastics

New York: Business owners oppose polystyrene ban

ACC reports on opposition of restaurant owners to proposed polystyrene ban, business viability at risk

Opinion: Styrofoam toxic to oceans

Japanese newspaper reports on Styrofoam debris in oceans, scientists find Styrofoam levels considered toxic to marine life and ecosystem globally

US city bans polystyrene packaging

In San Jose fast food can no longer be packaged in polystyrene foam, following a vote in the City Council

Pittsfield discusses polystyrene ban

The U.S. city Pittsfield may ban polystyrene food packaging due to health and environmental concerns

Controversy about the safety of plastic food contact materials

A recently published review article by Korean researchers sparks a scientific debate on the safety of plastic food contact materials containing hormone active substances.

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