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EDC criteria and trade implications

EU Health Commissioner Andriukaitis meets with ambassadors from North and South America, asserts that EU EDC criteria will address concerns over possible trade restrictions

Controversy over TTIP

Greenpeace leaks TTIP negotiation documents implying risks for environment and public health; EU Commissioner for trade asserts that trade deal will not lower EU standards

Opinion: TTIP essential for success of chemical industry

European chemical industry sees great economic opportunities in TTIP while maintaining the high safety standards provided by REACH

TTIP: Campaign to protect EU chemicals law

Non-profit organizations HEAL and CIEL launch campaign to safeguard EU chemicals regulations from impacts of trade partnership (TTIP) between EU and U.S.

Restart of TTIP negotiations

NGO CHEM Trust warns of TTIP’s repercussions on chemical safety as negotiations between the EU and the U.S. continue in Brussels

Opinion: TTIP should strengthen chemical safety, not weaken it

European Consumer Organisation recommends excluding chemicals from TTIP negotiations between U.S. and EU due to incompatible approaches to chemicals regulation

Multi-stakeholder forum on TTIP

Trans Atlantic Consumer Dialogue brings together participants from civil society, government, legislators and business to discuss consumer issues regarding TTIP

TTIP: Trade and sustainability

European Commission proposes chapter on trade and sustainability for TTIP; NGO says EC’s proposal fails to maintain level of chemical safety in the EU

EU policy on EDCs deliberately obstructed

New report reveals internal documents, details stakeholder activities in obstructing Commission work on endocrine disrupting chemicals

Opinion: Chemicals must be excluded from TTIP

NGOs from the EU and the U.S. ask chair of EU Parliament Trade Committee to support exclusion of chemicals from TTIP trade negotiations

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