Update: More US states now ban PFAS in food packaging

Connecticut, Vermont, and Minnesota join set of US states that ban use of PFAS in food packaging; Vermont ban also implements a procedure for considering phase-out of bisphenols in food packaging; Minnesota bill funds study to find which products within the state contain PFAS; Governor of New Mexico call on US Environmental Protection Agency to list PFAS as hazardous waste

Washington State passes comprehensive plastics legislation

Governor for US state of Washington signs Senate Bill 5022; bans expanded polystyrene foam takeaway containers by June 2024; beginning January 1, 2022 all single-use service ware only given to customers upon request; adds minimum recycled content requirement to many plastic containers and trash bags; no longer requires triangular arrow recycle symbol on hard plastic products

US considers new chemical recycling legislation

US states Oklahoma and Arizona pass bills to support chemical recycling facilities; at the same time, US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) considers whether to include chemical recycling in national recycling calculations

Save Our Seas 2.0 Act becomes law in US

New US law provides annual funding for waste and recycling management, anti-littering campaigns, new Marine Debris Foundation, innovation prize; supported by chemical and plastics manufactures as needed infrastructure investment, criticized by civil society organizations as not addressing excessive plastic production as root problem