The Food Packaging Forum’s Scientific Advisory Board consists of renowned academic scientists from all over the world with expertise ranging from analytical chemistry over ecotoxicology to epidemiology, science communication and science policy. Members of the Scientific Advisory Board support the FPF in their personal capacity as professionals. They do not represent their home institutions and receive no financial compensations. Affiliations are merely given for informational purposes.
Name Affiliation Expertise
Anna-Maria Andersson Rigshospitalet, Denmark Biomonitoring, clinical health effects, endocrine disruption
Tamara Galloway Exeter University, United Kingdom Ecotoxicology of emerging substances, environment and human health
David Gee Brunel University London, United Kingdom Environmental health, environmental policy, economics, innovation
Russ Hauser Harvard University, United States of America Epidemiology, endocrine disruptors, reproductive health, children’s health
Maricel Maffini independent consultant, United States of America Food additives safety assessment, endocrine disruptors
Olwenn Martin Brunel University London, United Kingdom Endocrine disruptors, mixture risk assessment, chemical policy
Ana Soto Tufts University Boston, United States of America / University of Ulster, United Kingdom Carcinogenesis, developmental origins of adult disease, endocrine disruptors
Leonardo Trasande New York University, United States of America Endocrine disrupting chemicals, obesogens, cardiovascular and renal risks, cost of illness analyses