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Plastic recycling in EU: FPF concerned about draft regulation

Food Packaging Forum (FPF) comments on EU draft regulation for recycled plastics FCMs; exemptions for the risk assessment of “incidental contamination” and for pre-market assessment of novel technologies likely to increase hazardous chemical exposure for the general public

Maine publishes food contact chemicals of concern list, postpones PFAS ban

US state of Maine Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) publishes food packaging chemicals of high concern list; mandated by state legislation and limited to 10 chemicals; DEP postpones ban on PFAS in food packaging originally meant to begin in 2022; phthalate ban went into effect January 1, 2022

Scientists warn over-production of chemicals altering planetary systems

Peer-reviewed study finds pollution from synthetic chemical production and plastics is now altering planetary systems vital to human survival; recommends implementing cap on chemical production and release similar to greenhouse gases

UK Parliamentary session on plastic waste

UK Parliamentary Committee plans to hold session to “scrutinize the ways in which the UK Government might reach its own target of eliminating all ‘avoidable’ plastic waste by 2042”; session to be streamed live

Several studies determine chemical migration from food packaging

Researchers from several European and Chinese institutions develop methods to explore chemicals in food contact materials (FCMs); report styrene migration from different polystyrene FCMs into several food matrices; detect photoinitiators in paper FCMs and chlorinated paraffins in green tea and its packaging; find irradiation treatment of metalized polypropylene to reduce migration of tested chemicals

Two food contact chemicals added to SVHC Candidate List

European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) adds four chemicals to the Candidate List of substances of very high concern (SVHC); two of the substances are known to be used in food contact applications; obligates producers and suppliers to provide safety information and to notify ECHA

OECD outlines sustainable chemistry considerations for designers of plastic products

Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) releases report outlining the goals, considerations, and trade-offs when designing a more ‘sustainable’ plastic product; encourages transparency in chemical composition and manufacturing processes through the supply chain

US congressional committee questions FDA about lack of action on phthalates

Letter from the US House Oversight and Reform Committee to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) asks what steps FDA is taking to evaluate human health effects from, or to ban, phthalates in food packaging and processing materials

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Food Packaging Forum’s dossier and summary article on microplastics published


FPF dossiers are thoroughly researched by trained scientists. They provide in-depth background information about different topics pertinent to food contact materials and health. The dossiers compile scientific knowledge, market data and regulatory background in an easily accessible format. Dossiers include available data on chemical migration into food and effects on human health.

The Food Packaging Forum Foundation

The Food Packaging Forum Foundation (FPF) is a science communication organization. It is a charitable foundation based in Zurich, Switzerland. FPF provides independent and balanced information on issues related to chemicals in food packaging and other food contact articles, and their impact on health. FPF’s work addresses professional stakeholders, including business decision makers, regulators, scientists, media and communication experts. FPF is not a grantmaking foundation.

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Food packaging and human health

Food packaging is highly essential for protecting and handling food from farm to fork. However, packaging and other types of food contact articles are also a source of chemical contamination of food. The Food Packaging Forum’s fact sheet explains the most important aspects and provides resources for reducing chemical exposures.


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