Stakeholders discuss EU plastics strategy

EU Commission holds stakeholder conference on circular economy and plastics strategy; industry experts call for stronger legislative support to reach recycling goals

Workshop on FCMs in the circular economy

Euractiv holds workshop on quality and safety of food packaging in the circular economy, April 10, 2018 in Brussels

DEHP and male reproductive health

New research finds reproductive abnormalities in male mice prenatally exposed to DEHP and their succeeding generations; 3rd generation effects most pronounced at lowest exposure dose

BPA and brain development

New study finds increased numbers of neurons formed during early development in mouse pups prenatally exposed to bisphenol A; altered social behavior and hyperactivity observed later in life

PolyTalk 2018

PlasticsEurope holds 2018 PolyTalk, a stakeholder forum to discuss plastics, on April 26-27, 2018 in Malta

No regulation on food packaging in Australia and New Zealand

Food Standards Australia New Zealand will not regulate chemicals in food packaging, instead prepares non-regulatory guidelines with industry

Progress in high-throughput in vitro testing

In vitro assays and alternative approaches being developed for EPA’s Endocrine Disruptor Screening Program and within EU-ToxRisk are hitting ground

California to address chemicals in FCMs

State of California’s Safer Consumer Products program considers assessing chemicals in food packaging within its 2018-2020 work plan

New consumer information portal on chemicals

ECHA launches website to inform consumers about benefits and risks of chemicals

Microplastics in bottled water

New study finds microplastic particles in popular bottled water brands, detects on average 10 larger-sized microplastic particles and over 300 smaller-sized, likely also plastic particles per liter; WHO to launch review of health risks