South Africa to combat plastic pollution

South Africa announces new ‘Source to Sea’ initiative to fight plastic pollution, considers actions on microbeads and single-use plastics, plans to boost recycling and consumer awareness

Mechanical seals risk food contamination

Ensuring compliance of seals used in food production equipment is essential for food production safety

New initiative: Planet or plastic?

National Geographic launces initiative ‘Planet or Plastic?’ focusing on environmental impact of single-use plastics, releases dedicated June issue

NGOs push for EU strategy on EDCs

EDC-free Europe coalition urges EU Commission to update its strategy on endocrine disruptors

Food packaging in the circular economy

New FPF scientific publication summarizes safety aspects of commonly used food packaging types after recycling, shows typical chemical contaminants, discusses further measures for safe food packaging in the circular economy

First reactions to draft EU measure on single-use plastics

Industry and NGOs express mixed opinions on EU Commission’s draft proposal to reduce single-use plastics

EU bottled water industry commits to more recycling

European Federation of Bottled Waters aims to increase collection of PET bottles from 60% to 90% and use 25% recycled PET in water bottles by 2025 as EU average

EFSA working group on phthalates: 3rd meeting

EFSA’s CEF Panel working group on phthalates reassesses safety of DBP, BBP and DEHP for food contact plastics; updated meeting minutes now available online

FPF Workshop 2018: Registration open!

Event program and registration for Food Packaging Forum’s 6th annual workshop of October 4, 2018 now online; live webcast available; register before September 27, 2018

Recyclable coffee to go cups

UK company develops coffee to go cup made from recycled paperboard and one-piece plastic inner liner, claims cups are recyclable in ‘standard recycling facilities’