EC’s meeting with European FCM industry

EU Commission presents ongoing work in FCM field to professional associations; amendments to recycling plastics regulation and specific measure on ‘glymo’ in preparation; authorization of recycling processes expected by Q3 2020; final publication of updated EFSA opinion on phthalates in FCMs expected soon

California legislature passes recycling bills

New bills require 50% recycled content in containers within deposit program by 2030; businesses to provide customers with recycling containers on their establishments; further bills to be discussed in 2020

New BfR statement on polyamide oligomers

German risk assessment institute uses newly received toxicity data to establish group migration limit of 5mg/kg food for PA6 and PA66 oligomers

Overview article on microplastics in fish

Mother Jones article investigates the history of microplastic contamination in the oceans, introduces recent scientific findings showing migration of microplastics from fish’s gut into organs and flesh

Indonesia releases new food packaging regulations

Regulations have expanded scope and cover both new and recycled materials; annexes include lists of prohibited and authorized chemicals, migration limits, specifications for materials by food and beverage type; all products must be compliant by July 29, 2020

7th Swiss Green Economy Symposium discusses plastics

Annual event brings together range of stakeholders, holds innovation forum to discuss plastics use; Swiss authority calls for more research into terrestrial plastic pollution, advocates following precautionary principle; industry questions current economic viability of chemical recycling

Webinar on chemicals in plastic consumer products

Lisa Zimmerman from PlastX project to present recent study results in Food Packaging Forum webinar on September 24, 2019; study investigates in vitro toxicity and chemical composition of plastic consumer products

Biomonitoring of environmental chemicals, plastics

New French biomonitoring study measures levels of bisphenols, phthalates, PFAS in adults and children; German biomonitoring study finds plastic byproducts in 97% of children’s urine samples

Kraft-Heinz called to address phthalates

Petition organized by coalition calls on food manufacturer to remove sources of phthalates in its products; organizers blocked from delivering signatures and call on public and governments to act

Replacing phthalates in plastic packaging

Swedish non-governmental organization ChemSec publishes practical advice to business operators on why and how to replace phthalates, discusses alternatives, regrettable substitutions and policy options