New Zealand symposium on food safety

First session of the New Zealand Food Safety Science & Research Centre annual symposium is a webinar on chemical contaminants in food; presentation on New Zealand-wide project to study impacts of microplastics on human health and natural resources; new project developing guidelines to help food industry navigate the use of food packaging containing recycled material

NIAS migration from plastic wine corks

Scientific study uses non-targeted chemical analysis to provide an overview of chemicals migrating from 8 wine corks made of ethylene-vinyl acetate; identifies 50 compounds, 84% non-intentionally added substances (NIAS); finds one cork not suitable as food contact material

Third episode of ‘Unwrapping Food Packaging’ video blog released

Food Packaging Forum publishes third episode of video blog; discusses the presence of non-intentionally added substances in food packaging and the safety and circular economy challenges they pose; reviews the limited enforcement of known chemicals in marketed food packaging, challenges posed by biodegradable packaging, and the approach of prioritizing the most hazardous chemicals

Review investigates challenges of assessing NIAS in plastic FCMs

Literature review summarizes challenges regarding non-intentionally added substances (NIAS) in plastic food contact materials (FCMs); describes 52 studies with their applied methodologies for NIAS extraction and identification, plastic types analyzed, and NIAS detected; highlights NIAS assessment as a challenge for scientific community and industry due to lack of hazard data, a missing harmonized methodology, and outdated regulatory guidelines

Global Food Contact Conference: NIAS evaluation in recycled packaging

2021 Smithers Pira conference covers global developments in food contact regulations and materials including a session on the risk assessment of non-intentionally added substances (NIAS); Marco Zhong outlines efforts China is taking to assess NIAS in recycled and biodegradable materials for safe food contact application; Marinella Vitulli focuses on applied testing schemes for NIAS identification, stresses that the right analytical approach is key

Recommendations for EU’s Sustainable Products Initiative

European Environmental Bureau releases discussion paper and policy briefs with recommendations for European Commission’s Sustainable Products Initiative; discusses ideas to integrate the Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability into product regulation; also identifies measures to increase value chain transparency

Migration of chemicals and microplastics from microwavable plastics

Scientists analyze migration of chemicals and microplastics from microwavable food containers; identify dozens of intentionally and non-intentionally added substances and up to over one million microplastics per liter in food simulants; migration partly exceeds Cramer class-based recommendations

Tackling the toxics in plastics packaging

Article in PLOS Biology discusses hazardous chemicals in plastics; highlights chemicals as critical but often missing aspect in plastic pollution discussion; proposes rethinking current approach to plastic packaging toxicity testing

Chemical analytics of novel food packaging

Scientists review chemical analytical approaches for food contaminants originating from packaging, including active packaging and novel biopolymers; call for thorough characterization of substances migrating from active packaging, including impurities, auxiliary compounds, potential biotransformation products

The Guardian discusses plastic food container safety

Article introduces recent research quantifying chemicals that could be present in packaging, testing chemical toxicity; emphasizes chemical unknowns, recommends tips for consumers to minimize chemical and plastic particle exposure