Report on transition to safer chemicals

EU Directorate General for Environment publishes Chemicals Innovation Action Agenda setting out priority action areas to scale investment and innovation in safer chemicals; reviews experiences from ‘frontrunner companies’ and lessons learned in substituting substances

Report to accelerate ‘safe-by-design’ concept

Group of experts submit report to European Commission, aim to advance integration of ‘safe-by-design’ chemical and material innovation in upcoming Horizon Europe research program

Major retailers set chemical innovation priorities

Retail Leadership Council issues statement outlining priority product categories and chemical classes for safer chemical alternatives in products, sets roadmap for increasing transparency for data sharing between businesses and with consumers

EU elections: NGOs call for action on chemicals

European NGOs publish manifestos ahead of EU parliamentary elections calling for action on a range of issues including exposure to hazardous chemicals, EDCs, and a clean circular economy

Dollar Tree joins Chemical Footprint Project

U.S. discount retailer Dollar Tree joins Chemical Footprint Project; survey results to be published in project’s 4th annual report in 3rd quarter of 2019

Safer materials for food packaging

Report by venture capital fund Safer Made identifies innovation needs for safer food packaging, aims to connect companies and investors

OECD urges restricted substances list for plastics

OECD report suggests establishing global list of restricted substances for plastics manufacturing in order to ‘support quality and consistency in recycling’

Reports on substitution and alternatives assessment

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) publishes two reports; review approaches to support alternatives assessment and substitution of chemicals of concern

ECHA’s plan for substitution activities in 2019

European Chemical Agency plans to hold several substitution-related events, demonstrate alternatives analyses, publish alternatives data from authorization applications, update substitution strategy

TMBPF as BPA alternative for coating epoxies

Article in Chemical Watch discusses tetramethyl bisphenol F as an alternative monomer to produce bisphenol-based epoxies without endocrine activity