ECHA to look at chemical groups

European Chemicals Agency publishes 2017 report on implementing the SVHC Roadmap; 750 substances of potential concern under scrutiny currently; structurally similar substances to be assessed as groups

Sweden addresses ‘cocktail effects’ and grouping of chemicals

Government of Sweden investigates how to consider chemicals’ ‘cocktail effects’ and regulate similar substances in groups within EU chemicals legislation

Focus on PFASs

Ensia article summarizes environmental and health concerns about per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, addresses controversial substitution of long-chain PFASs with short-chain alternatives

Replacing hazardous chemicals with similarly toxic alternatives

New report by NGO CHEM Trust highlights necessity to regulate groups of similar chemicals to avoid regrettable substitutions, illustrates replacement of BPA with BPS and other analogues as example

90% of U.S. food cans BPA-free

Can Manufacturers Institute reports that 90% of food cans sold in U.S. use BPA-free can coatings; typical replacements are acrylic and polyester coating materials

Washington State bans PFASs in food packaging

Governor of U.S. state Washington signs bill into law banning the use of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances in food packaging by 2022 if alternatives can be found by 2020

Influence of consumer and retailer demands

U.S. state regulations, consumer and retailer actions on chemicals in food packaging more effective than FDA regulation, according to experts at Chemical Watch conference

Reducing chemicals of concern in food packaging

Environmental Defense Fund encourages industry to follow best practice recommendations by Food Safety Alliance for Packaging regarding chemicals in food packaging

ANSES to study EDCs and bisphenols

ANSES selects 36 new research projects to be conducted under French national “Environment-Health-Work” research program; includes studies on endocrine disruptors, bisphenols, micro- and nanoplastics

Discussing future management of chemicals and waste

Swedish Chemicals Agency and UN Environment Programme host international conference on new strategy for chemicals and waste beyond 2020, March 13-15, 2018 in Solna, Sweden