P&P conference 2019: FCM legal developments

Keynote talks and presentations during Smithers Pira’s annual conference on plastics and paper in contact with food inform about new EU legislation and global regulatory developments

ECHA ‘maps’ REACH chemicals

European Chemicals Agency publishes ‘map of chemical universe’ assigning over 21’000 REACH-registered chemicals into regulatory action-based ‘pools’; the majority (86%) not yet evaluated

China solicits comments on FCMs, new resins

Agency announces expanded uses for three food contact materials and articles, three new resins, and one new food contact substance; public comments accepted until December 25, 2019

Switzerland strengthens FCM regulation

Switzerland amends FCM regulation to better align with EU provisions; specifies bans and specific migration limits for epoxy derivatives, prohibits BPA migration from varnished or coated FCMs in products for young children

Letter urges EU ministers to reject microplastics restriction

34 NGOs and alliances recommend environment ministers reject ECHA’s current proposed restriction on microplastics, cite concerns over exceptions included for biodegradable microplastics and exceptionally long transition periods

EU surveys phthalate uses in FCMs

DG SANTE seeks information on the uses of phthalates in plastic, non-plastic, multilayer food contact materials; survey open until November 8, 2019

FPF Workshop 2019: Non-monotonicity explained

Ana Soto presents biological mechanisms underlying non-monotonic dose-responses, explains why non-monotonicity is ‘useful to organisms, challenging for regulators,’ discusses CLARITY-BPA’s successes and limitations

FPF Workshop 2019: How to improve FCM law and enforcement in the EU

Konrad Grob criticizes FCM regulation and enforcement in the EU, suggests future actions for improvement

FPF Workshop 2019: FCM oversight in Denmark

Mette Holm gives overview of approaches to FCM inspection and control by Danish Ministry of Environment and Food; latest monitoring study on PFAS in paper and board FCMs still finds intentional addition of PFAS; Denmark bans PFAS in paper and board FCM from 2020

FPF Workshop 2019: Doubt is their product

David Michaels explains how ‘manufactured scientific uncertainty’ is used to delay regulatory actions on harmful products