Six urgent questions to address PFAS

Environmental Science and Technology feature article discusses six urgent questions to be answered to address worldwide per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances’ (PFAS) contamination and health impacts; describes importance, barriers, and ways forward for each question; emphasizes the need for cooperation, increased transparency, consideration of environmental equity; US FDA’s budget request calls for increased investment in addressing PFAS

JRC Symposium compares microplastic analysis methods

European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) Symposium summarizes current approaches for microplastic monitoring; research institutions present results of 4 inter-laboratory microplastic analysis comparison studies; no ‘one-size-fits-all’ analytical method, presenters emphasize need for harmonization; Commission outlines policy needs

Plastic packaging: A risk to food companies?

New report of NGO ClientEarth explores risks of single-use plastic packaging; warns investors that food companies and supermarkets neglecting plastic pollution-related risk to face reputational damage and legal action

Japan revises positive list for FCMs

Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare publishes revised version of positive list for food contact materials (FCMs); applies to utensils, containers, and packaging made of synthetic resins; 83 substances added to the list of plastic polymers, 192 to coatings, 29 to monomers, and 121 to additives

German BfR comments on the Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability

The German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) comments on the EU’s Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability (CSS); criticizes the alleged exclusion of scientific risk assessment experts in the development and implementation of the CSS; comments supported by others with demonstrated ties to chemical industry.

China seeks comments on 11 food contact chemicals

China’s National Center for Food Safety and Risk Assessment seeks comments on expanded uses of 4 food contact chemicals (FCCs) and 7 new FCCs; two substances are listed in the Food Packaging Forum’s food contact chemicals database as substances of potential concern; comments accepted until September 10, 2021

EC seeks comments on CLP Regulation revision

European Commission (EC) opens public consultation period for the revision of EU legislation on hazard classification, labeling, and packaging of chemicals (CLP); seeks comments from all stakeholders through November 15, 2021

China approves new and expanded usage of FCMs

Law firm Keller and Heckman publishes a summary of China’s recently approved uses of 19 materials and substances for food contact; includes three new food contact chemicals (FCCs), seven new resins, and expanded usage of nine other materials; three substances are in the Food Packaging Forum’s food contact chemicals database as either a priority hazardous substance or substance of potential concern

Bill to require US FDA to reexamine chemicals used in food

Representative Jan Schakowsky introduces Food Chemical Reassessment Act of 2021 to the United States House of Representatives; the bill would require the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to regularly review the chemicals used in foods, particularly those approved through the generally recognized as safe (GRAS) rule; would establish an Office of Food Safety Reassessment and reestablish a food advisory committee

EU Enforcement Action Plan on bamboo additives in plastic FCMs

European Commission and EU Member States agree to launch an EU Enforcement Action Plan on bamboo powder-containing plastic food contact materials (FCMs) to ensure that bamboo and other illegal plant-based additives are not marketed in the EU