China revises standard on metals in FCMs

National Health Commission opens public consultation on 16 food safety standards; sets stricter limits for metals used in food contact materials (FCMs), removes use of 4% acetic acid as food simulant; comments accepted until October 20, 2020

Gulf states draft standard for polyethylene bags

Standard sets list of allowed additives and monomers in line with previous EU regulation, bans use of recycled materials; open for comment until November 2, 2020

15th amendment to EU plastic FCM regulation published

European Commission publishes final text further amending Regulation 10/2011 on plastic food contact materials and articles; includes introduction of approved use of new substances, updates specific migration limits, allows for migration testing of entire food processing equipment

China approves new FCMs, additives, resins

National Health Commission announces newly approved additives for food contact materials (FCMs), expanded FCM uses, and resins for use in plastics and coatings

French order on food contact rubber

France publishes new Order on food contact rubber and pacifiers for infants and toddlers; updates lists of authorized substances, their specifications, restrictions; law enters into force on July 1, 2021

Bamboo in plastic FCMs not authorized in the EU

European Commission’s Working Group concludes that bamboo-based additives are not authorized per se for use in plastic food contact materials in the EU; business operators to explicitly demonstrate safety by migration testing; migration of melamine, formaldehyde of high concern; additional concerns about misleading labeling and advertising

How to regulate polymers?

Chemical Watch commentary addresses the nature of polymerization reactions, provides technical background information explaining the challenges in the registration of polymers under REACH

China calls for comments on food contact substances

China’s National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment solicits comments on new food contact substances and resins, expanded uses

EU notifies C9-C14 PFCA restriction to WTO

European Union notifies World Trade Organization of proposed amendment to REACH Restriction List (Annex XVII) to restrict manufacturing, use, placing on the market and import of C9-C14 perfluorocarboxylic acids (PFCAs), their salts and related substances within the EU; long-chain PFCAs can be present in food contact materials as impurities but also degradation products of long-chain fluorotelomers

Australia publishes guidance on chemicals in food contact articles

Defines registration process for chemicals in food contact articles under new national regulatory scheme; requires additional testing of specific target organ toxicity and record-keeping of migration levels