Opinion: Ambitious SVHC database needed

European Consumer Organisation calls on ECHA to ensure database on SVHCs improves notification of and information on SVHCs in articles and products

France to tax non-recycled plastic packaging

French government plans to make products packaged in non-recycled plastic more expensive than those using recycled packaging

Chinese database on hazardous chemicals

China’s National Registration Centre for Chemicals introduces platform that can be searched for information on hazardous chemicals; available in Chinese

New Vietnamese chemicals database

Vietnam launches national chemical database system containing over 170,000 substances

Proceedings of ILSI NA workshop on FCMs

Summary of workshop on ‘Scientific advances and challenges in safety evaluation of food packaging materials’ now published

Conference on Chinese food and packaging laws

Law firm Keller & Heckman LLP holds first conference on China’s food and food packaging laws on September 11-12, 2018, in Shanghai; registration now open

Transparency and sustainability of EU risk assessment

EU Parliament publishes draft report on proposal by the EU Commission, suggests withholding supporting information until publication of scientific opinion

Ban of BPA substitutes

New York City plans to extent current bisphenol A ban by prohibiting 6 BPA substitutes in children’s products

Outcome of consultations on EDC guidance

European Food Safety Agency publishes technical report detailing outcome of several consultations on its Guidance for identification of endocrine disruptors

Consultation on chemical, product, waste legislation

EU Commission opens consultation and survey on interface between chemical, product, and waste legislation with regard to EU Plastics strategy