P&P conference 2019: Industry perspectives on FCMs

Recycling, biobased polymers, NIAS among the important topics discussed at Smithers Pira’s conference on plastics and paper in contact with food

UK publishes report on bio-based FCMs

Report reviews published scientific and grey literature for existing materials marketed for food contact; expects current risk assessment methods to be appropriate or adaptable, notes limited existing research on materials made from agri-food by-products and their potential risks

Initiative for a circular bio-based Europe

EU Commission publishes roadmap outlining proposed initiative for developing research partnerships; aims to drive innovation, value creation from waste and biomass; open for public comment until August 27, 2019

Growth of bioplastics packaging

Market report estimates doubling of bioplastics market value to $8.8 billion in 2024, identifies main trends responsible for growth

Plastics research project launches in UK

Kick-off meeting for new Exeter University research project EXeMPlaR brings together variety of different stakeholders; focus on solutions for circular plastics and economy in Southwest England

Companies target 100% bio-based PET

New process converts non-food biomass into important feedstock for PET production; partner companies aim to achieve fully bio-based PET that is cost-competitive

Launch of Plant Based Products Council

New industry council aims to encourage plant-based products, hosts products database containing food packaging alternatives

Review of bioplastics highlights costs

Plastics News discusses PHA bioplastics; outlines production pathways, market development, price compared to traditional plastics

Webinar on bioplastics

News provider Plastic News Europe to host live webinar on ‘Bioplastics: Myths and Truths’

Coca-Cola to share packaging technology

Beverage producer Coca-Cola announces sharing of plant-based packaging technology with competitors