Growth of bioplastics packaging

Market report estimates doubling of bioplastics market value to $8.8 billion in 2024, identifies main trends responsible for growth

Plastics research project launches in UK

Kick-off meeting for new Exeter University research project EXeMPlaR brings together variety of different stakeholders; focus on solutions for circular plastics and economy in Southwest England

Companies target 100% bio-based PET

New process converts non-food biomass into important feedstock for PET production; partner companies aim to achieve fully bio-based PET that is cost-competitive

Launch of Plant Based Products Council

New industry council aims to encourage plant-based products, hosts products database containing food packaging alternatives

Review of bioplastics highlights costs

Plastics News discusses PHA bioplastics; outlines production pathways, market development, price compared to traditional plastics

Webinar on bioplastics

News provider Plastic News Europe to host live webinar on ‘Bioplastics: Myths and Truths’

Coca-Cola to share packaging technology

Beverage producer Coca-Cola announces sharing of plant-based packaging technology with competitors

Oligomers in biodegradable food packaging

Study of non-volatile components of biodegradable polyester and polylactic acid blend identifies 37 different compounds including plasticizers and oligomers, some seen only in migration experiments

Responsibility of (bio)plastics industry

13th annual European Bioplastics conference discusses impacts of plastics pollution, elements of EU circular economy package, food contact regulations, bioplastics market development, life cycle assessment, new building blocks

New research institute for packaging

Nestlé launches Institute of Packaging Sciences to advance development of ‘functional, safe and environmentally friendly’ food packaging