EU Parliament approves new waste policy

EU Parliament votes in favor of waste legislation package; 2030 recycling targets set at 60% for municipal waste and 70% for packaging; manufacturers to make information on SVHC content in products available to public

EU Commission’s draft regulation on transparency in risk assessment

EU Commission proposes regulation to improve transparency and sustainability in risk assessment of food safety in the EU; feedback accepted until June 8, 2018

EU Parliament’s draft resolution on plastics

EU Parliament’s Environment Committee publishes draft resolution on EU strategy for plastics in circular economy; deadline for tabling amendments May 3, 2018

Notification of SVHCs to be required under EU waste directive

Amendment to EU waste framework directive foresees obligation for suppliers to notify ECHA of SVHCs present in articles, aims to create transparent and non-toxic material cycles for circular economy

EU Parliament consults with EDC experts

EU Parliament’s committees on petitions and environment hold hearing with experts from EU and national regulatory agencies, academia, civil society on impact of endocrine disruptors on public health and environment

Stakeholders discuss EU plastics strategy

EU Commission holds stakeholder conference on circular economy and plastics strategy; industry experts call for stronger legislative support to reach recycling goals

Opinion: Don’t undervalue plastics

UK MEP cautious about drastic measures to eliminate plastics use, highlights benefits of plastic packaging to ensure food safety and reduce food waste, calls for increased recycling and innovation to tackle plastic waste

Harmonizing ECHA and EFSA data

EU Parliament’s Environment Committee launches working group on harmonization of safety data held by EU chemicals, food safety and medicines agencies

EU environment committee supports draft BPA regulation

EU Parliament’s Environment Committee votes in favor of EU Commission’s draft regulation on bisphenol A in food contact materials

EU legislation on waste

Council of the European Union and EU Parliament provisionally agree on EU Commission’s proposals for revision of EU waste legislation; introduce new binding targets for packaging waste recycling, define requirements for extended producer responsibility