Notification of SVHCs to be required under EU waste directive

Amendment to EU waste framework directive foresees obligation for suppliers to notify ECHA of SVHCs present in articles, aims to create transparent and non-toxic material cycles for circular economy

ECHA consults on identification of 8 SVHCs

ECHA opens public consultation on proposals to identify 8 substances of very high concern; deadline for comments April 23, 2018; 5 substances relevant for food contact

Opinion: REACH authorization stifles substitution

NGOs ChemSec and ClientEarth criticize implementation of REACH regarding substitution of hazardous chemicals; request ‘safeguard mechanisms’ to double-check applicants’ analysis of alternatives on the market

Second REACH review published

European Commission releases second review of REACH regulation, highlights how REACH enhanced chemical safety, suggests actions for improvement

Assessing risks of hydrophobic chemicals

Scientists argue that water-focused assessment schemes may misjudge risks of hydrophobic chemicals; sediments, particles, exposure through diet additionally play an important role; contribution of microplastics and nanoplastics uncertain but likely low

ECHA recommends 7 SVHCs for authorization

ECHA prioritizes 7 substances of very high concern to be added to REACH Authorisation List; 6 substances potentially relevant for food contact

ECHA shortlists 236 substances for scrutiny

EU Member States to examine 236 substances shortlisted in ECHA’s annual screening exercise for potential health and environmental risks; list not publicly available

ECHA urged to share ‘strategic information’

ClientEarth report criticizes ECHA’s lack of transparency, requests more information on harmful chemicals in the EU, companies’ compliance, EU’s decision-making processes with regard to chemical safety

ECHA classifies BPA as environmental endocrine disruptor

ECHA adds 7 new SVHCs to Candidate List; entry for BPA updated to include endocrine disrupting properties with effects on environment

Restriction proposal for 6 PFASs

Swedish and German agencies propose restricting 6 per- and polyfluorinated substances, as well as mixtures and articles containing them; ECHA opens public consultation until June 20, 2018