ChemSec: Actions after REACH review?

International Chemical Secretariat criticizes action points outlined by EU Commission following its latest REACH review, laments lack of measurable actions, failure to address industry-caused delays and non-compliance

ECHA and Cefic to work on REACH implementation

European Chemicals Agency and European Chemical Industry Council cooperate on ‘effective implementation of REACH’; Cefic director calls for making REACH compliance a ‘global brand’

REACH: Thousands of substances likely ‘missing’

EU trade body UEAPME concerned about discrepancies between predicted and actual registrations by latest REACH deadline; thousands of EU-marketed substances with volumes between 1 and 100 tons potentially unregistered still

Public consultation on 4 phthalates’ Authorisation List entries

EU Commission to update Authorisation List entries for DEHP, DBP, BBP, DIBP to reflect endocrine disrupting properties; ECHA consults on uses no longer exempted from authorization, such as FCMs, until August 6, 2018

REACH: Over 21,000 substances registered

After final REACH deadline, 21,551 chemicals on European market are registered; dossiers need to be kept ‘up to date’ to reflect new science and products, ECHA says

Sweden to propose BPA analogue as SVHC

Swedish Chemicals Agency will propose 4,4′-isobutylethylidenediphenol as substance of very high concern to avoid regrettable substitution of bisphenol A

Nano amendments to REACH adopted

EU Member States adopt nano-amendments to REACH Annexes; new requirements for identifying and characterizing nanoforms, providing data for nanomaterials registered under REACH

Notification of SVHCs to be required under EU waste directive

Amendment to EU waste framework directive foresees obligation for suppliers to notify ECHA of SVHCs present in articles, aims to create transparent and non-toxic material cycles for circular economy

ECHA consults on identification of 8 SVHCs

ECHA opens public consultation on proposals to identify 8 substances of very high concern; deadline for comments April 23, 2018; 5 substances relevant for food contact

Opinion: REACH authorization stifles substitution

NGOs ChemSec and ClientEarth criticize implementation of REACH regarding substitution of hazardous chemicals; request ‘safeguard mechanisms’ to double-check applicants’ analysis of alternatives on the market