EU revises REACH restriction annex

New regulation updates entries within restricted chemicals list of REACH; removes substances now covered in separate law on persistent organic pollutants, adds toxicity classifications, updates standards for compliance with use of azo colorants

EU court confirms BPA as SVHC for endocrine effects on wildlife

Industry association PlasticsEurope loses third court case challenging legal classification of bisphenol A (BPA) as substance of very high concern (SVHC); EU General Court supports European Chemicals Agency’s recognition of BPA’s endocrine disrupting effects on wildlife

NGOs, industry criticize changes to REACH Annexes

NGOs and industry comment on changes to REACH Annexes VII and XI; criticize not taking into account current state of science, limiting the application of non-animal approaches, setting a cut-off date for existing data; concerns about repetition of animal studies among animal welfare NGOs

Review confirms additive approach for chemical mixtures

Systematic review analyzes over 700 mixture studies, confirms additive models are a good approximation, finds research focus primarily on binary mixtures; European Commission (EC) plans mixture assessment factor (MAF) for REACH; development of general mixture risk assessment methods and viable approaches to regulation still needed

CARACAL meeting on pre-registration of polymers

EU competent authorities for REACH and CLP (CARACAL) members debate merits of mandatory pre-registration of polymers under REACH; several EU member states voice support for pre-registration; discussion to continue in 2021

EU SVHC-checking app available in 15 countries

App enables consumers to request information from providers on presence of substances of very high concern; launched in 15 EU countries

ECHA’s CLH proposal on TBBPA open for consultation

Norway submits harmonized classification and labeling (CLH) proposal to European Chemical Agency (ECHA) for brominated flame retardant tetrabrombishpenol A (TBBPA); suggests adding classification of being possibly carcinogenic following rodent studies providing evidence; proposal still open for comments until January 29, 2021

US EPA extends PV29 TSCA evaluation comment period

US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) extends comment period for draft risk evaluation of C.I. Pigment Violet 29 (PV29) under its TSCA regulation; new draft adds previously confidential business data, solubility testing data, workplace air monitoring; concludes 11 of 14 conditions of use for PV29 pose unreasonable risk; toxicity debate ongoing also in Europe; EPA extends comment period for the revised draft until December 19, 2020

Clarifications to REACH data requirements

European Commission publishes draft amendment to REACH text dealing with information requirements for chemicals dossiers; feedback accepted until November 16, 2020

NGOs call for REACH polymer registrations to address microplastics

European Environmental Bureau (EEB) and ChemSec submit comments to CARACAL subgroup on polymer registrations under REACH; recommend modifying proposed criteria for polymers requiring registration, suggest recognizing micro- and nanoplastic generation as inherent hazardous property of plastic polymers; call for mandatory pre-registration with submission of defined minimal dataset for all polymers