Opinion: Ambitious SVHC database needed

European Consumer Organisation calls on ECHA to ensure database on SVHCs improves notification of and information on SVHCs in articles and products

EU advisory body recommends prioritizing chemicals legislation

European Economic and Social Committee publishes opinion on chemicals, products, waste in the circular economy, calls for full application of REACH and other chemicals legislation

Industry opposes update of phthalate authorization

European Plasticisers deems inclusion of endocrine disrupting properties of DEHP, DBP, BBP, DIBP in Authorization List ‘unnecessary overregulation’ that will put ‘excessive burdens’ on industry

Opinion: All SVHCs belong on Candidate List

NGO ChemSec discusses why REACH is moving too slowly and all substances meeting SVHC criteria should be added to Candidate List

Chemicals associated with plastic packaging

Study compiles database of chemicals associated with plastic packaging (CPPdb); at least 148 substances highly hazardous, many untested or unknown

Member States support restriction of 4 phthalates

EU Member States support proposal to restrict DEHP, DBP, DIBP, BBP in consumer articles; restriction will not cover food contact materials

ECHA: New database on SVHCs in articles by 2021

ECHA to launch database on presence of substances of very high concern in articles by late 2019; information to be provided by industry and available to waste treatment operators and consumers

Opinion: FCMs must be included in EU phthalates restriction

European Environmental Bureau (EEB) and CHEM Trust call on EU Member States to extend proposed REACH restriction of phthalates DEHP, DBP, DIBP, BBP also to food contact materials

ClientEarth: EU Commission delays decisions on chemicals

New study by ClientEarth finds that decisions by European Commission on use of substances of very high concern are ‘delayed unreasonably’ in most cases

ECHA adds 10 new substances to Candidate List

D4, D5, D6 and other compounds relevant for food contact materials listed as substances of very high concern