U.S. and European conferences discuss plastics recycling

Series of recent conferences on both continents focus on discussing challenges and opportunities surrounding plastics recycling, increasing recycled content in products; group of NGOs criticize Circular Plastics Alliance for overlooking hazardous chemicals; predicted lower prices of virgin PET seen as future test of commitment to set sustainability targets

California governor vetoes recycled content bill

Bill AB-792 would have increased the required recycled content of containers in the state to reach 50% by 2030; governor cites concerns about amendments allowing manufacturers to appeal requirement if target not met

NSF develops standard for recycled materials

Independent testing and certification organization announces new voluntary standard for recycled materials in products with minimum 20% recycled content; standard applies to entire supply chain, inspects social, environmental, chemical practices, restricts use of SVHCs, other substances of environmental and health concern

Calls for reduced production instead of increased recycling

Greenpeace calls for reduction of single-use plastic production rather than promotion of recycling solutions; Plastic Pollution Coalition argues for promoting reuse rather than recycling; U.S. lawmakers discuss new bills under Save Our Seas Act, receive similar calls from stakeholders to favor reduction

Coca-Cola bottle made of marine plastics

Company presents trial bottle with 25% of ‘recovered and recycled marine plastics’ content

EFSA working group updates: September 2019

Minutes from recent meetings of the EFSA working groups on BPS, BPA, FCMs, phthalates, and recycling plastic available

Plastics value chain stakeholders sign declaration

Over 100 stakeholders commit to reaching target to annually use 10 million tons of recycled plastics in new products in Europe by 2025; Coca-Cola executive discusses need for a call to action within the industry; ACC publishes infographic on chemical recycling

EC’s meeting with European FCM industry

EU Commission presents ongoing work in FCM field to professional associations; amendments to recycling plastics regulation and specific measure on ‘glymo’ in preparation; authorization of recycling processes expected by Q3 2020; final publication of updated EFSA opinion on phthalates in FCMs expected soon

California legislature passes recycling bills

New bills require 50% recycled content in containers within deposit program by 2030; businesses to provide customers with recycling containers on their establishments; further bills to be discussed in 2020

California modifies draft circular economy bill

State lawmakers adapt proposed legislation on single use packaging and recycling following stakeholder discussions, keep target for 75% recycling rate by 2030, add language regarding material neutral treatment and use of a stakeholder advisory panel