Glass industry launches sustainability label

European Container Glass Federation (FEVE) announces the launch of a new symbol for recycling on glass packaging; describes it as highlighting the brands’ commitments towards sustainability and health; to be promoted for use on all glass packaging applications including food and beverage, pharma, perfumery, cosmetic products

Asian governments aim to expand recycled content in plastic FCMs

Overview article examines recent commitments by South Korea, China, and Thailand to launch or expand approval of recycled plastics for use in food contact materials (FCMs); lack of regional definition of ‘food grade plastic’ seen as stumbling block to many local recyclers in meeting growing demand

US government and stakeholders debate how to improve recycling

US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) sets target national recycling rate of 50% by 2030; stakeholders identify recycling data gaps as key limitation; call for new national standards and legislation improving reporting, use of recycled content; upcoming changes in government administration create uncertainty

LCA study investigates impacts of beverage packaging types

Scientists from University of Southampton publish life cycle assessment (LCA) estimating primarily environmental impacts of five types of packaging across three beverage categories; find lowest impacts caused by recycled aluminum cans for pressurized drinks, Tetra Pak for fruit juices, cartons for milk

Update: Circular Plastic Alliance delivers first actions

European Commission (EC) announces first delivered actions of its Circular Plastics Alliance; identifies 19 priority plastic products, current overview of European waste sorting and collection

Review on mechanical recycling of plastic packaging

Article in peer-reviewed journal provides thorough overview of mechanical recycling processes by polymer, discusses chemical additives used; concludes mechanical recycling will remain most effective method to recycle plastics

EU beverage carton recycling rate increases

2019 recycling rate reaches 51%, sees increase of 3% from 2018 levels

New Plastics Economy progress report 2020

Ellen MacArthur Foundation summarizes progress made by business and government signatories since 2019; identifies focus towards increase of recycled content, phasing out problematic items; sees little development in increasing plastic packaging recyclability, reducing single-use packaging

China works on strategy for recycled FCMs

National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment (CFSA) surveys industry on the use of recycled food contact materials and initiates ‘basic research’ to inform development of risk management strategy for recycled FCMs

Packaging sustainability during the pandemic

Consultancy McKinsey & Company publishes paper on consumers’ views towards sustainability in packaging, as influenced by COVID 19 pandemic; urges more focus on proactive communication with consumers and supply chain partners, holistic approach to sustainability and hygiene requirements