UK to “overhaul” its waste system

UK government announces plans to make major changes to waste system; considers introducing extended producer responsibility, plastic tax, defined materials for recycling, deposit return scheme

Circular packaging design guidelines

FH Campus Wien publishes guidelines for design of packaging within the circular economy

New sleeves to help PET recycling

Industry association endorsed for standardized sleeves on PET bottles, new solution aims to improve sleeve removal before recycling

74% of glass packaging recycled in the EU

Recycling statistics from 2016 confirm recycling rate of glass packaging in the EU stably at 74%; the figure is ‘set to rise’ following recent investments, FEVE says

OECD webinar on plastics

Webinar focused on improving plastics recycling rates, avoiding environmental impacts; built on earlier OECD report

NGO: Incinerators challenge waste management

European Environmental Bureau reports on high per capita waste generation, funding of incinerators inhibiting waste prevention and recycling

Negative list of packaging materials

Nestlé publishes a list of materials to be avoided in its packaging because of recycling difficulties, including PVC, PVDC, PS, ePS, regenerated cellulose, unrecyclable multilayers; industry association counters that ePS can be recycled

Economics of plastic recycling

McKinsey & Company release study examining the potential of plastics recycling technologies; estimates $60 billion in profit growth for petrochemicals and plastics sector

EU considers new calculation rules

New calculation methodology for recycling under discussion by EU; could impact actual recycling rates in meeting set 2030 targets

Berkeley restricts single-use plastic

City of Berkeley in U.S to introduce ban on use of non-compostable foodware items in 2022; aim to force shift from plastic to compostable food containers, reduce quantity of single-use items