Measures to limit chemical migration from recycled paperboard

Review identifies and discusses three approaches to limit chemical migration from recycled paperboard to make it acceptable for food applications; considers internal bags with an incorporated barrier, barrier layers, and functional sorbents added to the board; study on migration from paper cups identifies exposures to vanadium and fluoride

Bioassay-based analysis of chemicals in paper & cardboard

Scientific study evaluates presence of hazardous chemicals in methanolic extracts from paper and cardboard food contact materials (FCMs) using several bioassays; finds oxidative stress (52%), genotoxicity (100%), impacts on xenobiotic metabolism (74%), antiandrogenic (52%) and antioestrogenic effects (39%); recommends an effect-based approach for hazard identification of food contact chemicals

FPF publishes five fact sheets on food packaging materials

Food Packaging Forum (FPF) releases new fact sheets on plastic, paper and board, metal, glass, and multimaterial food packaging; address material properties, applications, chemical migration, end-of-life, and recyclability

EDQM guide on European paper and board FCM regulations

The European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines and Healthcare (EDQM) publishes “technical guidance relating to the requirements, compliance testing and supporting documentation for paper and board materials” used in food contact materials and articles; includes overview of European FCM regulations, aims to harmonize paper and board regulation; provides instructions to test compliance, detect recycled materials, prepare supporting documentation