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OECD webinar on EU’s PFAS strategy

Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) to hold webinar with representative from DG Environment on February 25, 2020; feature presentation on recent PFAS restrictions in EU, strategy for moving forward

OECD report on weight of evidence

Provides guiding principles and key elements to establish weight of evidence approach for chemical assessments; aims to support regulators in following consistent, transparent use and delivery of evidence

OECD webinar on PFAS alternatives

Webinar will present efforts to eliminate per and polyfluoroalkyl substances from consumer products, feature presentations from W.L. Gore & Associates

OECD to develop sustainable plastics criteria

Report to be published by end of 2020 will offer tools to help compare sustainability trade-offs, discourage use of hazardous chemicals; OECD has multiple other plastics-related projects currently underway

U.S. objects to plastic waste trade agreements

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency sends letter objecting to adoption of plastic waste trade regulations between OECD member states, against recent Basel Convention amendments

Updated QSAR toolbox

OECD updates QSAR toolbox software package, includes latest REACH registration data and new models

Report on saving chemicals management costs

OECD publishes report reviewing the reduction of chemicals management costs due to its programs; €300 million annually in savings estimated from reducing trade barriers, avoiding duplicate testing

OECD webinar on plastics

Webinar focused on improving plastics recycling rates, avoiding environmental impacts; built on earlier OECD report

Reports on substitution and alternatives assessment

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) publishes two reports; review approaches to support alternatives assessment and substitution of chemicals of concern

OECD guideline on development toxicity updated

OECD adds endpoints to prenatal development toxicity testing guideline to better detect effects of endocrine disruptors

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