Plastic packaging industry discusses current challenges

Food Contact Plastics Seminar 2018 addresses EU plastics strategy, bioassays, Chinese FCM legislation, developments in EU FCM regulations

Sweden supports EU restrictions on microplastics

Swedish Chemicals Agency sees need for extended ban on microplastics in cosmetic and other chemical products, endorses restriction at EU level

Microplastics in compost

New study finds microplastic particles in compost from supermarket and household waste; plastic fragments most likely remnants of food packaging; potential source of microplastic contamination in soil and freshwater

EU Parliament’s draft resolution on plastics

EU Parliament’s Environment Committee publishes draft resolution on EU strategy for plastics in circular economy; deadline for tabling amendments May 3, 2018

Opinion: More recycling won’t fix plastic problem

Opinion article by The Guardian highlights human health impact of plastic pollution, calls for reducing plastic production and banning classes of hazardous chemicals

Stakeholders discuss EU plastics strategy

EU Commission holds stakeholder conference on circular economy and plastics strategy; industry experts call for stronger legislative support to reach recycling goals

Microplastics in bottled water

New study finds microplastic particles in popular bottled water brands, detects on average 10 larger-sized microplastic particles and over 300 smaller-sized, likely also plastic particles per liter; WHO to launch review of health risks

ANSES to study EDCs and bisphenols

ANSES selects 36 new research projects to be conducted under French national “Environment-Health-Work” research program; includes studies on endocrine disruptors, bisphenols, micro- and nanoplastics

ECHA collects information for microplastics restriction

ECHA opens call for evidence on possible restriction of intentionally added microplastics; call open until May 11, 2018; informational webinar to be held on March 12, 2018

Focus on plastic pollution

As microplastics are increasingly found in waters, lands and organisms, governments, businesses and institutions take action on single-use plastics