Technical solutions for studying microplastics

Overview papers discuss characterization and identification of microplastics by techniques based on (micro-)Raman spectroscopy, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy

Microplastic and pigment particles in water

Scientists detect thousands of small particles of microplastics, pigments, additives in bottled mineral water; higher particle content in reusable paper-labeled bottles; printing inks on labels identified as novel contamination source

EU environment committee votes on plastics strategy

EU Parliament’s Environment Committee supports EU Commission’s overall plans for plastics in circular economy, suggests further measures on microplastics, single-use plastics, hazardous chemicals

UN: Is plastic pollution poisoning us?

Head of UN Environment discusses chemical migration from plastic food packaging, microplastic pollution, calls on people to ‘break up with single-use plastic’

Live: ECHA workshop on microplastics

ECHA holds stakeholder workshop on potential restriction of intentionally used microplastics on May 30-31, 2018; live webstream of plenary session on May 30 available

UK retailer to phase out non-recyclable plastics by 2019

UK supermarket chain Tesco aims to ban non-recyclable plastic packaging by 2019, move towards closed loop system

Many unknowns about biodegradable plastics

New scientific review points out shortcomings in biodegradability standards for plastics; lack of toxicity testing; no account for effects of plastic additives, microplastics formation

What chemicals are in plastic packaging?

Research project on hazardous chemicals in plastic packaging identifies substances most hazardous for human health and environment; many knowledge gaps remain; first results presented at SETAC Europe

Plastic packaging industry discusses current challenges

Food Contact Plastics Seminar 2018 addresses EU plastics strategy, bioassays, Chinese FCM legislation, developments in EU FCM regulations

Sweden supports EU restrictions on microplastics

Swedish Chemicals Agency sees need for extended ban on microplastics in cosmetic and other chemical products, endorses restriction at EU level