NGOs call for REACH polymer registrations to address microplastics

European Environmental Bureau (EEB) and ChemSec submit comments to CARACAL subgroup on polymer registrations under REACH; recommend modifying proposed criteria for polymers requiring registration, suggest recognizing micro- and nanoplastic generation as inherent hazardous property of plastic polymers; call for mandatory pre-registration with submission of defined minimal dataset for all polymers

Global summit on nanotechnology and nanoplastics regulatory science

European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) publishes technical report on outcomes from discussions between near 200 scientists; identifies needs for more harmonized methods, standards, reference materials, and improved communication

NIA calls for careful use of the term ‘nanoplastics’

Nanotechnologies Industries Association (NIA) urges public agencies and media to differentiate between intentionally produced plastics at nanoscale and nano-sized plastics present as secondary plastics from degradation

Plastic Health Summit talks published

Event brings together scientists and advocates to discuss latest research on micro- and nanoplastics, plastic additives, and health; presentations recorded and now publicly available

Plastic tea bags release billions of particles

Researchers measure micro- and nanoplastics released from plastic tea bags during brewing; find over 14 billion particles released per bag, record dose-dependent behavioral and developmental effects on daphnia

Report on risk of microplastics

Scientists conclude no widespread risk currently posed by micro and nanoplastics; note limited evidence, measurement difficulty, and potential change with ongoing pollution

ANSES to study EDCs and bisphenols

ANSES selects 36 new research projects to be conducted under French national “Environment-Health-Work” research program; includes studies on endocrine disruptors, bisphenols, micro- and nanoplastics

Current opinion on micro- and nanoplastics

Thematic journal issue on micro- and nanoplastics addresses sources, fate, human health and environmental effects, sampling methods, research needs

Definition of nanoplastics

Scientists propose defining nanoplastics as unintentionally produced particles sized between 1 to 1000 nm and exhibiting colloidal behavior, discuss future research needs